10 Top Used Mitsubishi Cars

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10 Top Used Mitsubishi Cars: The Japanese car manufacturing giant Mitsubishi has always been a top choice among people searching for Japan used cars because of the advanced Japanese technology that goes into manufacturing Mitsubishi cars.


This has led it to be bestowed with numerous coveted automobile awards. Here are the ten top Mitsubishi cars that act as the torchbearers for the brand’s reputation.

Japan Used Cars

2018 Outlander Sport – the top-notch SUV

A top-class SUV for all your needs from daily life use to an adventurous road trip, the Outlander Sport is something you can rely upon.


Fitted with a touchscreen display, Android Auto, and an advanced system giving warnings for lane-departures and forward-collision, the Outlander Sport is fit for all your requirements.

Pajero Sport 4X2 AT – the sturdy ride


Fitted with a powerful and long-lasting 2.5L 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Pajero Sport 4X2 AT is one of the top-selling used vehicles in the present market. Its engine, mated with a 4-wheel drive and 5-speed manual transmission, can push your car up to a highest of 190km/h.

2018 Mirage – value for money


Housing a fuel-efficient engine that returns up to 37 city/43 highway mpg, the Mirage is a value-efficient leading vehicle that comes as a sedan or a hatchback. Therefore, choose this if you want a practical vehicle for regular long travels.

Lancer 1.5 GLXi – another name for reliability


A 5-seater sedan with a reliable engine offering a mileage of 32.6 mpg, the Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5 GLXi was and always will be a reliable and dependable car for cruising the roads of your city.

2018 Outlander – compact and cozy


Having a seating capacity of seven and top-class crash test ratings, the Outlander is an affordable and compact SUV sedan. Further, with new generation driver-assist technologies, the Mitsubishi Outlander sets new records in-car safety and comfort.

ASX 1.6 – safety first

First registered in the year 2011, the ASX 1.6 is a five-door sedan with a 1.6L engine. Moreover, it gives a mileage of 47.1 mpg. It has advanced digital safety technologies that enhance the safety of you and your family.

Eclipse Cross 1.5 – the middle guy


This mid-sized sporty SUV from Mitsubishi has bold defining looks that set it apart from other cars. With a 1.5L engine giving a 42.6 mpg mileage, the Eclipse Cross 1.5 can serve as your smart ride to cruise through the busy street lanes.

L200 Double Cab Di-D Trojan  – small and sturdy

Built to carry the heaviest loads and climb the steepest slopes. The L200 can serve as your small city car for the commute as well as a mini truck for carrying cargo on the roughest terrains. Hence, choose L200 for a sustainable hybrid that serves all your vehicle needs.

Colt 1.3 CZ2 – compactness counts


An easy to drive compact car housing a 1.3L engine giving a mileage of 47.1 mpg. The Colt 1.3 CZ2 is a great way to zoom through the bustling city roads as well as along the countryside streets.

Shogun 3.2 TD SG3 – high performer

A high-performance SUV gives impeccable results in all terrains, be it loose sand or brittle ice; the Shogun 3.2 TD SG3 will always be there for you with its 3.2L engine and impressive mileage of 33.2 mpg.


These were the 10 top used Mitsubishi cars that you should go for. If you are looking to buy a Japan used car in 2020.

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