10 Top Used Nissan Cars

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10 Top Used Nissan Cars: Nissan is an Indian based local subsidiary of the Japanese car automobile industry. It sells a wide range of internationally acclaimed vehicles. The latest model has kept its eyes in SUVs. Currently, in the market scenario, carmakers sell at least 5 models, together with Nissan GT-R as its halo offering.


Though the company despite several efforts is not doing too well on the sales charts. As far as the market is concerned it has sales of less than 1.5 percent market share at this point in time. Nonetheless, there are some best Nissan cars in both new and old car markets that are flourishing.

10 Top Used Nissan Cars as follows:

1. Nissan X- trail

It is a compact crossover Sports utility vehicle. This model has been produced by Japanese Carmaker Nissan Since 2002. It is a seven-seater SUV.

10 Top Used Nissan Cars

It has three model revisions series 1, series 2 and series 3. X-trail is one of the top-selling cars and has tremendous features that one cannot resist from buying.

2. Nissan Note

Nissan Note is such a model that is basically a combination of small hatchback and MPV. It has its rivals outside the market such as Ford B Max, Honda Jazz.

10 Top Used Nissan Cars

The original model was launched in 2006. It has trending shape and features and immense shape and practicability.

3. Nissan Skyline

This model comes in a variety of ranges. Nissan also produces sports cars as well. It is a Japan-based automobile. It was first produced by Prince Motor Company.

10 Top Used Nissan Cars

After that, it was produced by Nissan, and further, they got merged and sold in Japan at a dealership sales channel called Nissan Prince Shop.

4. Nissan Serena


It is a Japanese based Minivan manufactured by Nissan. It is designed in such a way so as to match the Japanese Vehicle class. Its external dimensions are restricted to 4.7 Min length and 1.7 M in breadth. It is the largest selling car and its features are amazing yet pocket-friendly cars.

5. Nissan Micra Active

The Nissan Micra is the most affordable version in comparison with the regular Micra version. It does get misses out the latest styling elements that the car requires for its mid-cycle facelift.

This means the Nissan Micra is active to appear, pre-facelift model, if you ignore a sportier bumper. The latest technological advancements, it surely misses out but it is still a good option for those on a budget.

6. Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is a choice for carmakers who like Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10. In the international market, the company introduced the second generation of this model.

If they bring a new version or generation of this model in the market it is not at all a feasible option for the company. However, despite the age, the last generation Gen-Micra is an impressive model having a practical cabin. It is capable enough with powerful-yet-frugal engines having low maintenance and decent ride quality.

7. Nissan Sunny

The popularity of Nissan did not reach the level as expected and has suffered a lot over the years. Nonetheless, it continues to be the most spacious and other elements one must look for.


It provides the services in terms of the highly comfortable rear seat, an airy cabin, light controls, and a stonier of K9K 1.5 liter Diesel engine. The car is still in the market thus it is easy to use this car in the used market easily.

8. Nissan Terrano

It is Renault Duster-based offering that is an alike tad more butch owing to the company’s family race. It is such a model which can be easily found in the international models.


For instance, the Pathfinder and the Armada. Alike duster, the Nissan Terrano has great dynamics and features, powerful and frugal 1.5 liter Diesel engine, and easy to maintain.

9. Nissan Kicks

The Nissan Kicks is the latest model in the market. The kicks look butch and modern. It has been designed keeping in mind the latest designs and trends.


There are several rivals such as Small SUV, Hyundai Creta that have well prices and come across all-rounder models. But kicks are new in the market and are not doing that much great considering the sales. It is quite tough to find in the market.

10. Nissan GT-R

This model is the most expensive amongst the other models in the market. The GT-R is a fire breaking monster that can give kick fight competition to other brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini. It is costing only half of its other rivals manufacturing.


The GT-R id the Company’s halo car. It shows the technical prowess and great craftsmanship of the Japanese automaker. It is an expensive model available when ordered thus it is not as easy to find in the second-hand car market.

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