Import Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures
To Import Japan Used Cars In Iran

Check all the key points related to import rules, regulations, policies, documentations, duties and taxes, inspections, restrictions, shipping ports, etc. which you should keep in mind while importing Used Cars from Japan to Iran

Year Restriction

Max. 3 Years Old

Destination Port

Bandar Abbas and Bushehr

Time of Shipment

29-38 Days (RoRo)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Bi-Monthly)

Shipping Line


Used Car Import Rules & Regulations in Iran


Left-Hand Drive Vehicles

Left-Hand Drive vehicles are allowed to be imported in the country.

Temporary Importation

Import of used automobile to Islamic Republic of Iran is allowed when a certificate has been obtained from cabinet. Iranian nationals residing abroad are not allowed to import their automobile when returning. However, temporary import of vehicle by foreigners and Iranian residents abroad is allowed by receiving the carnet de passage or tripque booklets from the motoring centers in the original country.

Automobiles imported must be re-exported from Iran when the permitted period i.e. 3 months is over. Iranian resident who are out of the country can import a used vehicle provided they have resided abroad for a minimum period of 6 months.

Those who could not get the carnet de passage or triptique booklets in the country of origin should get the temporary admission license in the entrance frontier by giving deposit or a bank bond on security.

Used Cars Import Duties And Taxes In Iran

Custom duties are on an average about 30% of the CIF value of the goods. Tariffs vary from 0% for the most important basic and strategic commodities to 100% for the few authorised consumer goods. Custom duties are relatively high in the free zones also, amounting to 50% in certain cases. Non Islamic goods cannot be imported. In the case of production under licence, the local share must be progressively increased.
Authorised importers paying customs duties must also pay other taxes.

Non Tariff Barriers

A general license granted by the Ministry of Commerce (in Persian) is required to import into Iran. Furthermore, the importer needs the approval of the appropriate Ministry.
The market is open for staple commodities, capital goods, spare parts and raw materials. Capital goods, raw materials, medicines, wheat and other strategic goods do not attract any import customs duties. Finished products competing with a local production or local consumer goods cannot be imported. These goods are imported through non-official channels.
It is important to check with your national authorities present in the country, specific information, especially given the frequent changes made in import regulations.

Customs Classification

Iran uses the harmonized system of classification

Import Procedures

Presently, as Iran is focusing on its membership application to the WTO, the rules and regulations as regards imports and customs, duties, taxes and other aspects of this type change frequently.

Used Cars Import Documentation in Iran


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