2019 Mazda 3 vs 2019 VW Golf

2019 Mazda 3 vs 2019 VW Golf


2019 Mazda 3 vs 2019 VW Golf- Car Comparison

If you ask any person be it student as well of the new-car market, for advice at the low end of the price spectrum, and odds. In such a case they are surely going to steer you toward a small hatchback. Now further you want to know, why? Their size makes for a good fuel economy and further ease of parking. However, their hatchback body style offers more cargo capacity than that of a similarly sized sedan. Furthermore, in case of anyone looking for even the slightest penchant toward driving engagement, experts are going to suggest a manual transmission.

The Matchup

Now, let us focus on two great leaders in their industry for a long time. Further, the Volkswagen and the Mazda 3, both are thus hatchbacks. However, the Mazda model is also available as a Sedan. This is further equipped with six-speed manual transmissions. Moreover, Mazda is treated as more complex and difficult to get a manual. The reason is the price at the 3 hatch starts. However, the manual is only available in its top premium trim. Thus, this makes it not so expensive. Moreover, it consists of an 8.0-inch touch screen infotainment system and keyless access as an addition.

On the Road

Considering both the models i.e. Golf and Mazda 3 are aiming at refined. They moreover quite end of the compact-hatchback spectrum. However, when it comes to speed the Mazda is noticeably quieter than the Golf. Further due to lack of sound which is not considered as pleasing sound though. Moreover, what you are capable of the Mazda’s naturally aspirated four-cylinder is not stirring. It is, however, smooth and increasingly hushed all the way up to redline. Besides this, due to its partly refinement and poor labeling on its tachometer—the solid red doesn’t start until 6500 RPM. However, before acclimating the limiter steps in at 6250—we bumped into the 3’s limiter a couple of times.

2019 VW Golf

Above all, the manual transmissions of both are above average and satisfying. Furthermore, the Golf has reasonably short throws and consistent efforts. On the corollary, the 3’s slightly higher-effort shifter occasionally hangs up when performing a quick flick into second. In addition, taking into consideration the safety concerns and especially the world we live in.

2019 Mazda 3

The Mazda has a brake-throttle-overlap warning that represents while pushing on the brakes. This further follows by simultaneously blipping the throttle for a smooth downshift. Moreover, a little icon depicting a heel/toe maneuver that would leave no doubt. Since there are various things associated with the Mazda, such as—crazily. Therefore the time delay between the locking of the doors and the fuel door, you can disable in the settings menu.

The Inside View

There is an excellent record of Volkswagen of making the most of the available space in compact vehicles. Further, the Golf, which is eight inches shorter than the Mazda 3.

2019 VW Golf

This moreover matches its cargo-carrying capability (five carry-on-size boxes) while having significantly more rear-seat legroom and headroom. Further, if you plan to transport adults back, you need to think twice before opting for Mazda.

Besides this, the Golf’s interior is simple, basic, and even sparse. However, at least it doesn’t fall for any cheap dress-up fakery as do some others in the class. And furthermore, its upright, conservative exterior design gives rear visibility which is way better than the Mazda.

2019 Mazda 3

Both cars have a complement of driver-assist features. It is further inclusive of adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot warning.

However, the Mazda has substantially more feature content, including automated climate control, memory seats, a head-up display, and LED headlights.

The Bottom Line- 2019 Mazda 3 vs 2019 VW Golf

Considering the Mazda makes a valuable case for a premium hatchback. Further, it is one that we could imagine someone choosing to drive even someone can afford a more expensive car. However opting for the manual is pricey, its higher price is justified by a substantial load of additional content.

Furthermore, when its time comes for a vote, we preferred the stylish and luxurious Mazda 3 over the Golf. But we regret the imprudence the 3’s swerve away from sportiness. Moreover, it’d be difficult to make a case for it over the Golf’s similarly priced, quicker, and more enthusiastic-driving GTI sibling.

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