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Avoid Fraud and Scams While Buying Used Cars From Japan

Safety Tips To Avoid Fraud and Scams:

Japan is known for its quality, durability, technology and trust. Mostly all Japan Used Cars Exporters or Dealers are doing business since long and have good reputation in market. But there are few cons and scammers due to which all Japanese Dealer community gets challenged.

In Used Car market it is very evident to fall a prey to low prices and wrong vehicles. We are listing some of the best safety tips that are very useful to avoid fraud while purchasing a used car from Japan. Be Alert! Before you get scammed or cheated.


Exceptionally low price cars with nice images are trap to get your hard earned money. Always compare offers with vehicle market price and take quotes from different dealers.


Verify the Dealer company details, location, phone number, website, social media etc. at JCT . You can contact us to know about any Dealer before finalizing deal.


Always checked the online reviews and complaints about the company on Google, and other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.


Make sure the dealer you are dealing with is Reliable and Trustworthy, before making any transactions to avoid loss. Contact us if you have doubt about the dealer.

Avoid Low Price Traps:

Getting very low price offers for the used cars with nice images might be a trap. Practically it is impossible to source high quality, excellent condition cars in very low price. In many cases the vehicle is not available or the photos shared are of some other vehicle that is already sold or is available at high price. Make sure to check below points if you are offered a low price vehicle:

Beware while Dealing with Non-JCT Dealers & JCT Free Members

JCT never shares the inquiries with any Non-JCT Dealers (not listed on our portal website). Also your contact details are not shared with the JCT Free Members.

However, as we are forwarding the inquiry to hundreds of JCT Premium & Gold members there might be some staff misusing the JCT inquiries and passing on to Non-JCT Dealers dealers, it is difficult to track the source from where these inquiries are passed.

If you are buying used cars from, Do Not make payment to any non-JCT members.
If you get any kind of offer from non-JCT member, always contact us to check the existence and reputation
of the company.

Check Company Reviews & Their Existence Online:

Always try to collect and cross verify all possible details of used car exporters like company existence, postal address, information available on their website, email, telephone number, membership with other companies.

To verify company existence, check company name, email, phone number online at different platforms, search company name on google and try to research about company. You can also dial a call on their registered phone number.

Protect your money with JUMVEA Safe Trade:

Here, JUMVEA stands for Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association.You should always use JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST), while ordering vehicles from any exporter (JUST Member).

Member of Auction Houses & Associations:

Check the company’s membership with Japan Auto Auction houses and other reputed exporters associations like JUMVEA, SLAAJ, JETRO, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. If the dealer is associated with these corporations then it’s a plus point.

The Auction halls and associations verify the dealers for their business and existence in Japan before giving them their membership. So if a dealer is a member of such organization you have a reason to trust them. But do not go with the words of the dealer, check the membership status on the websites of associations or check the Auction membership card of the dealer as a proof.

Always feel free to contact us if you want to know about any Dealer.


Membership With Used Car Portal Sites:

Try to ensure that the Company you are dealing with has a valid membership at top used car portal sites like:, TCV, Car From Japan, Car Deal Page etc.
which means the company was verified and is answerable to the portal if they do any fraud activity.
If you are dealing with a Exporter directly who is not member at any other platform, you are at a higher risk.

Terms and Conditions:

Check all the terms and conditions of the company, available on their website or on the invoice shared with you during the deal. Go through the terms carefully regarding the Payment, Refunds,  Order Cancellation and Shipments in order to be secure from any frauds later on. 

How You Should Order:

Always order single unit, If you are dealing for the first time. It is never recommended to order many units from an unknown dealer, you may find yourself in a trap and end up in big loss.

Company’s Bank Account:

Always make sure that the Dealer gives you Bank details of his company in respective country from where he is exporting your vehicle. Never make any payment in a personal name or bank accounts in other countries.

For example: If you are buying a car from Japan, you should make payment in Dealers company bank account in Japan only. 
You should not make payment in individual/personal bank account or any bank account outside Japan. 

DO'S: Make Sure While Buying Japan Used Cars.​
Collect all possible information about the company available on internet.
Verify company’s address on google map, phone number and existence.
We recommend JUMVEA Safe Trade to protect your hard earned money.
Check membership of the company with other used car portal sites.
Understand all the terms and conditions of the company.
DONT'S: Avoid While Buying Japan Used Cars.​
Do not fall in the trap of low price offers from fraud & non-verified dealers.
Avoid dealing with non-JCT dealers or JCT free members without verifying.
Do not send any payment in personal names bank accounts.
Never order many units for the first time. Always start with only single order.
Never do a deal in a hurry, take your time to research.

What If You Become A Victim of Fraud?

There are many misleading and scamming used cars exporters websites out there with zero credibility running only to steal your hard earned money. Buyers are trapped with very low prices offers and nice images, many times even the payments are done in wrong or personal bank accounts of dealers that eventually result in being victim of online fraud and scam.

Check out the essential steps that you must take if you become a victim of fraud. Following these steps might get you your hard earned money refunded from fraud dealers.
Moreover it will set an example for the other buyers to be aware of such dealers and avoid falling prey to fraud offers.

Essential steps that you must follow, if you become a victim of fraud:

Complaint To Japan Embassy In Your Country:

The first thing is that you must complain to the Japan embassy in your country, because the dealer has an existence in Japan and this matter belongs to their country. They will help you to deal with your situation in case of any fraud or scam happened with you while buying used cars & vehicles from Japan.

If you have bought the vehicle from any other exporting country like Singapore, Thailand, Korea etc. you should complaint in the respective embassy.

Complaint To Your Country’s Embassy In Japan:

The second useful thing that you can do is to complain to your country’s embassy, which has an existence in Japan or the country from where you have imported the vehicle.

Since they have enough local knowledge and contacts and can offer you help regarding the fraud.

Complaint to the Used Car Exporters Associations in Japan:

There are many used cars exporters associations in Japan like, JUMVEA, SLAAJ, etc. If you purchased the vehicle from any JUMVEA member, then as a buyer you should inform to JUMVEA about the fraud. JUMVEA will reach out the dealer and will investigate for you about your complaint against the dealer for the fraud.

Write Your Reviews and Complain To The Portal Website:

By giving honest reviews you can save other buyers becoming a part of fraud and scams. You can post your grief and complete scenario with all related documents like invoice, payment transfer slip copy, conversation with the dealer contact person, emails, dealer’s company name, phone number etc. at the online forums and portal like below.

Sometimes due to the pressure of the false reviews on social platforms and complaints portals the dealer might get ready for settlements.

Contact The Local Police:

Connecting with the local police and explain in detail to them about the whole scenario. Sometimes, A police action is necessary to solve your problem and can lead to good results. They can help you to follow the legal procedure to fight against the fraud and bring them to justice.

These types of cases require full cooperation of the victim with investigation teams.

Contact Your Bank To Inform Bank in Japan about the Fraud.

Contact your bank from where you deposited the payment and ask them to contact the Japan Bank where the payment was sent in Dealer Account. Explain them about the whole situation of the fraud that took place with you.

The Japanese banks will take action and might freeze the accounts of the Dealer so that no further transaction can be done till the issue is resolved.

Take Your Legal Rights Into Action:

Every civil person has his own rights, that he can use while buying any expensive items online. Civil rights are designed for fraud, conversion, civil theft, advertising, unfair trade practices, and some other claims.

You can use your rights and file complaints in online forums and organizations that deal in online frauds and scams.

Hire An Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney:

There are many attorneys available that specialize in online frauds and scams cases and will be ready to deal with your case at very minimum cost, give all possible information to your attorney so that you get all the recoveries such as insurance, personal judgment and other claims.

Complaint To International Criminal Police Organization:

You can file a complaint against the scammer to INTERPOL as soon as you get scammed. 

INTERPOL is one of the largest international police organizations, which includes 190 member countries. They can also be helpful as the fraud case involves international borders. You can share all the documents related to the vehicle deal and the the Dealer details with them.