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JCT Stock Create Page: Stock Entry Guide at JCT

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Your stock view on homepage after submit :

Front Page


1. Display Status

By checking on given Box your vehicle will be displayed at Front. If you uncheck the Box your vehicles will not be shown at Front.

2. Vehicle Condition

Here are Two Options New and Used (You can select any of them).

3. Used Vehicle Condition

If you select Used then you have 4 more option (Accident, Damaged, Salvaged, and none) you can select one from all of them as per your vehicle’s condition.

4. Stock Number

Stock Number can be inserted manually which will be displayed at front of JCT stock detail page.

5. Auto Increment

Auto Increment check box can be used to avoid inserting your stock number every time as it automatically increase by one value.

6. Start Date

By selecting Start Date you can choose the date when this vehicles will be displayed at front.

7. Close Date

By selecting Close Date your vehicle gets automatically deleted from front and will not be displayed after the chosen date.

8. Status

Select the vehicle status: Available, Sold Out, On Order and Reserved etc.

9. Stock Location

Select vehicle location here, specifying the current vehicle location.

10. Stock Port

Select the port from where the vehicle will be shipped from Japan.

11. Regular FOB Price

Enter the vehicle’s FOB Price which will be displayed on vehicle detail page.

12. Special Offer Price

Special offer price for any of your stock can be entered in this field.

13. Title

Enter some special word for your stock like: “Toyota Prius at Cheapest price”.

14. Vehicle Type

Select your vehicle type according to your vehicles like: Sedan Car, Sports Car and Truck etc.

15. If not found, Enter

If any value is not found in our form you may enter it in the front column of same field.

16. Vehicle Body Type

Select vehicle’s body type here.

17. Make

Select the Make of your vehicle like: Toyota, Honda etc.

18. Model

Select the Model of your vehicle like: Land Cruiser, Civic etc.

19. Model Code

Enter the Model Code of your vehicle, it will be displayed on your stock detail page.

20. Grade

Enter your vehicle’s grade, it will be displayed on your stock detail page.

21. Manufacture Year

Select your vehicle’s month and year of manufacture.

22. Transmission

Select transmission here, if not found you may enter it in the front column of same field.

23. Fuel

Select fuel option of your vehicle, it will be displayed on your stock detail page.

24. Color

Select your vehicles color.

25. Chassis/VIN No.

Enter your vehicle’s Chassis No.

26. Steering

Select your vehicle’s drive type: Left or Right.

27. Mileage (km)

Enter mileage from your vehicle’s odometer.

28. Seating Capacity

Enter no. of seats available in your vehicle.

29. Engine Capacity

Enter your vehicle’s engine cubic capacity.

30. Doors

Enter number of doors in your vehicle.

31. Exterior Grade

Select Exterior Grade here it will be displayed on your vehicle detail page.

32. Loading capacity

Submit Loading Capacity of heavy vehicles like: Trucks and other heavy equipments etc.

33. Interior Grade

Select interior grade, it will be displayed on your vehicle detail page.

34. Hours (For Machinery)

This is only for machinery stock. You can insert machinery used hours here.

35. Wheel Drive

Select 2WD or 4 WD option here.

36. Youtube Video Embed URL

Video related to your stock can be displayed on your vehicle page, enter the video URL in the space provided.

Note : Upload video related to this stock unit only. If misused or any other video found then we will remove video feature from your stock.

37. Selling Area

Select selling area i.e. in which country you want to sale or this vehicle suits for which country, according to import regulation of countries. Here are three options Worldwide, Domestic and Overseas.

38. Good Points

Select good points about your vehicle from menu.

39. Mechanical Faults

Enter Mechanical Faults from menu like A/c not cold, Engine noise etc.

40. Accessories & Options

Select Accessories & Options available along with the vehicle, by clicking on the boxes against the options.

41. Other Option

If any Option or Accessory not found in above section, it can inserted manually in the box provided.

42. Remark

This is only for admin this will not show on your vehicle detail page.

43. Upload Picture/Image

Insert main photo of your vehicle in Main image and you can insert 14 more images of your vehicle, you may also use multiple select option.

Note : Each Image size limit 1024 x 800pxl and maximum 512kb.

44. Inspection Sheet Value

Indicate vehicle’s inspection sheet value like A1 for Scratch (fist Size), A2 for Scratch (2palm size) etc.

After filling above values you can click on Submit button and your vehicle will be entered.

If you have any problem in stock data create, please contact us.

We can also import your stock data automatically from your website, for more information, please contact us.