4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine

4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine

4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine

4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine: When you buy a Japan used car, the world of choices opens up to you. You may limit the choices by raising your caveat of budget, mileage, and power performance. But certainly, the choosing starts with choosing between 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine in real-time.

Basic key factors

The two key drivers of mode choice are mileage and power basically. The third being maintenance cost, or if we take a step further the expected car performance bin years terms before it becomes the regular visitor at the local garage – for one thing or the other. The time when most users prefer to sell it and go for another car.

In the traditional and older way of things, 4 cylinders meant less power and more mileage. And the 6 cylinders meant more power and less mileage per liter of petrol. Broadly this being so even today.

Elementary of the 4 cylinders

For a small family with 4 members or so choosing a small car, 4 cylinder model suffices. The car runs to a medium run of racing, average pick up, and good mileage.

Elementary of 6 cylinder

For the larger family or the speed freak type, you might go for the 6 cylinder version. Here you get more of power, a great pick up but a modest or low return on mileage.

The base difference of the 4 cylinders and the 6 cylinders being of the power generated by the engine. However with the ongoing improvement the newer versions of the engine being overall more efficient. Sometimes due to the design changes or the alloy used etc. The applecart of the 4 and 6 cylinder engines might get toppled if the older engine of 6 cylinders and newer cylinder variety are compared.

Turbocharger & turbo engine issues

A significant new dimension to the comparison model is the inclusion of the turbo engine. Turbochargers can increase the horsepower of the engine by 300 to 800 horsepower.

This can make the new 4 cylinder engines match and outrun the non-turbo 6 cylinder counterparts. However, the turbo engines are associated with heating for which a separate mechanism is in place with its own issues of design and mechanics.

Reliability of the two engines

Reliability is an important factor which makes a key consequence in your overall longevity and usage of the car and its engines.

Thought the 6 and 4 cylinder cars with fewer chambers would, in theory, be of the more reliable type. But in practice, a 6 cylinder engine is found to score better. The underlying rationale being that their 4 cylinder engines require more RPM to power, and need to do more work causing the reliability to wane. Also in power need situations as going up a slope the 4 cylinder engine turns out to be more stressed.

A consumer behavior based cause being that 4 cylinder engine car models figure the way up climbing of consumers journey to upgrade to higher models of cars. Hence in terms of care and maintenance, the 6 cylinder model types representing the arrived type get better care and maintenance increasing their reliability.

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