4 Premium Sedans You Can Buy Right Now

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Nowadays, sedans, basically the premium one. You may not assemble entirely through hand as they used to be in the past. These are the sedans where you may find the latest and technology-intensive together with opulent appointments. This is what each automaker offers in today’s market. The automakers in today’s market have a luxury and offer luxury. However, there are several models that stand out in the crowded market. There are 4 premium sedans that come to mind. They are the BMW 3 Series, Toyota Premio, Mercedes Benz C-Class. And the Toyota Mark X. let us have a brief look to find out which would be helpful to you.


BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3 series is a unique model in the luxury market. Moreover,  It is somewhere like an entry-level premium saloon. However, this is not BMW Motors‘ lowest-priced offerings. Thus, it is well equipped with some of the upper-tier technology. You may find in the 5 and 7 series cars. Apart from it, currently in the sixth generation. The BMW can be fitted with any of the four turbo petrol engines. In addition to it,  It may also be fitted with turbo-diesel power plants.


A plug-in hybrid is introduced for the 2016 model of the year. This model did not hit the market as yet. The gearbox options are a six-speed Get rag manual or an eight-speed ZF automatic.

The sixth-generation is able to replace the traditional mechanical shift lever with a shift by wire unit. This is somewhere similar to that found in the 5- series. The LCD and the scroll button on the wheel of steering is a standard thing in the BMW 3-series. The GPS navigation and a 22.4 cm display are part of the technology and navigation packages. Apart from it, the BMW 3 Series comes with a pertinent factor. That you may not be able to find in other cars.


Toyota Premio

The Toyota Premio is a recent addition to Toyota’s premium car line up. It was introduced in 2001. It is now in its second generation. This may lack in long term provenance, it does not lack in luxury appointments and technology.


The second generation of the Toyota Premio is powered as one of three petrol engines. All of which is paired with a durable CVT gearbox to improve the fuel economy.

The concern regarding fuel efficiency is not commonly found in luxury executives. So hails Toyota for raising the need for it and giving it recognition. Apart from the wooden and silver accents found in the Toyota Premio. The second generation brought the inclusion of an LED tail lamp cluster. It also introduced a smart entry and start system. A color rearview monitor, and a hard disk G Book MX telematics service.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Further, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class like the BMW 3 series is one of the best known opulent luxury sedans. In the automation market across the globe, it is like an epitome of luxury yet affordable cars. It was introduced in 1993.


The Mercedes C-Class is now come up with the fourth generation and is still spearheading. It has strong sales and awesome technology upgrades. The Mercedes C-Class is also reliable and is considered as the top-selling luxury saloons. And in the used car market also.

Toyota Mark X

The Toyota Mark X was introduced in the year 2004. It has replaced Toyota Mark II. So, it is considered as a mixture of the sporty Toyota Chaser and the luxurious Toyota Cresta. So, the size is the same as Toyota Camry however it offers front-engine rear-wheel-drive setup. This feature you cannot find in a Camry. Buyers do opt for an all-wheel-drive when buying a Mark X.


The Toyota Mark X is available in all four trim levels. The premium is the one that is going to be discussed here. So, this premium offers a plated grille and trim specific front bumper together with distinctive side skirting. Further, this is well equipped with the latest technology. So, the highlights are inclusive of radar cruise control, a crash detection system with automatic brake activation.

It also has retractable rear sunshade, automatic self-parking, heated and cooled front seats, and also electronically adjustable shock absorbers. The standard model is Alcan Tara but leather is an option. Super UV cut glass and Nano air ventilation system round out the options for the trim premium level.

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