5 Amazing Cars Man has Passion For

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5 Amazing Cars: Car and men, two completely different things connected by a thin string know as a passion -the passion of owning those fantastic cars. Who can deny the inclination of children, especially boys, towards toy cars? Men are still passionate about owning amazing cars, and this passion is within them from childhood.


Being an owner of amazing cars is the dream of almost all the men. Here is the list of some fantastic cars which nearly every man wants to have in their parking.

Audi R8 Spyder

The very first amazing car in the list of men is Audi R8 Spyder. This car pushes the word-amazing to a whole new level. With a compact and sleek Audi design, it epitomizes beauty and power and earns the status of a true supercar for itself.

It has a superpower engine of 562 HP V10 and can fit in two people. These marvelous specifications earned it the honor of being the vehicle of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

Aston Martin Vantage

The very second amazing car in the dream list of almost all men is Aston Martin Vantage. The car with super sleek body design. It is a two-seater sports car which can prove to be extremely thrilling for the owners.

Wholly based on the new architecture and with an engine that has a power output of 510 ps, it can accelerate from 0-100km/hr and even has an astonishing gearbox that has eight automatic gears. It is completely a big bang in a small package.

Mahindra Thar

The very next car which occupies the space in the wish list of men is Mahindra Thar. You can easily call it one of the most potent SUVs of off-road.

It has a removable top, which gives it a classy look and a reason which attracts all men towards itself. It has a seating capacity of 6 people and offers an extraordinary mileage of 13kmp, which completes its package.

Honda CRV

This fantastic car is modern in every sense of the word and is specifically for the contemporary generation. Honda CRV has a seating capacity of 5-7 persons. This is a practical man’s car fit for all family outings and road trips.

You can choose to go shopping from your local supermarket as well as you can also reach your desired destination with this car. It is a complete package for youth with a powerful engine of 1.6L 4-diesel cylinder.

Tesla Model 3

This amazing car launched by the pioneer in combining high-speed performance with electric cars, Tesla is in much limelight right now. It is designed for electric power performance with fast charging facility and a dual-motor AWD.

It is a sedan car with a battery of 75 kWh and is completely safe and has a quick acceleration feature, which adds in enhancing the functionality of the car.

These were the top 5 amazing cars that men all across the world are passionate about. These cars have their fans from all age groups alike.

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