5 Warning Signs from Your Vehicle

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5 Warning Signs from Your Vehicle: Just knowing how to drive a vehicle is not enough at this point in time. It is equally important to know the basic signs in case you are facing trouble with the vehicle. The most vital thing about cars is if you are unable to pick up the warning signs at the early stage.


They may at a later stage turn out to be more severe and costly problems in the future. It is not that your vehicle does not give you the signals, a vehicle gives a number of signs. But what pertinent is how we take it understanding the grim which may occur. Let’s have a look at the 5 warning signs from the vehicle.

Warning 1

The activation of engine light is the most common warning one can encounter while driving. It is a red light that usually comes on in the dashboard region having a shape like an oil can. When you turn on the ignition halfway, such light comes on. It starts disappearing when you start the car.

However, if you come across the light on your way to driving it is advisable to stop driving. This clearly indicates that the oil in the engine is very low. But if we still continue to drive the vehicle irrespective of the fact that the engine is low. There is a possibility that it can seize your engine. The repair can further raise eyebrows as it is a bit expensive.

Warning 2

Another signal that your vehicle can give is the ABS light warning signal.  It is completely in relation to the antilock-braking system. This ABS system is found only in most of the newly designed cars. This light generally comes when there is an electrical fault.

Maybe there is something wrong with the braking system. If you come across such light in the dashboard area, it is suggestive to have a check with the mechanic immediately.

Warning 3

This type of warning usually bangs on people off guard. This is a type of light that strikes on the dashboard in the shape of tap/exhaust. This light comes due to coldness in the engine.

In the countries having severe cold in the winter months, the light generally goes off once when you warm up the vehicle.

Warning 4

Such a warning is not in relation to a particular light, it has more to do with the steering wheel of the car. If you do not hold the steering wheel straight, it should still move in a straight line. Sometimes there is a situation that your vehicle pulls to either the right or left side.

In such a situation, your car is not in alignment. It is important to get out of this stuff as soon as possible. If the car is not in alignment it can put a lot of strain in the engine of the vehicle. In the end, it can even reduce the performance of the car.

Warning 5

It is in relation to the braking system of the car. There may be sometimes you observe that the car is making a skidding noise. In this case, there can be two problems: either the brake fluid is quite low or worn-out brake pads.

Car braking systems need a lubricant to ensure that the braking is smooth. We only need to do us top up the brake fluid which can be done by simply lifting the car bonnet.

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