6 Obsolete Car Features

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A thought: 6 obsolete car features. Technology has raced harder in the automotive industry. Almost every significant device of convenience has finally found its way into this four-wheel miracle and the truly personal space for many.


Mobil technology, computers, a rearview camera, hydraulics, etc are all there today.

Drum Brakes

A generation ago the braking standards and simile for safety were the drum brakes. But today in almost all cars in Japan it is a hydraulic system which has replaced the drum brakes. Disc brakes operated by the hydraulic system does not heat as much as the drum ones. Operating with more consistent braking power, they stand ultimately cheaper to replace too.

CD Players

Almost 15 years or so ago CD players seemed out of Sc-Fi with their random access to the desired song. A definite plus over the erstwhile cassette players. But with the present satellite radios, AVX jacks, USB ports, and Apple car play and Android autos, CD players are of the obsolete past too.

Smoking Lounge

Previously smoking was fashionable as much as addiction and car manufacturers provided the little conveniences of a car lighter and ashtrays in the armrests of the car passenger seats. 

But with the present level of harms of smoking passive smoking; The habit has turned into a personal taboo. And certainly, a forbidden vice when the car is carrying a child or a baby. Thus the smoking accessories have disappeared from the car interiors too.

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Parking Brakes

Previously a separate manual brake was put on when one parked the car. This has been replaced by automatic braking technology when the car stops, which also is automatically released when the car is on the drive. Or also sometimes a separate button has replaced the had pulled lever. Resulting in greater convenience to the car driver and the override of his chanced forgetfulness n this matter of his driving and parking convenience.

Metal Car Keys

The basic token of ownership, the metal car keys are also of the renegade lot today. Now replaced by the biometric locks, proximity keys, button jobs, keypad locks, etc. along with push-button ignition. Truly today what you own is owned by you virtually in codes, numbers, and encryptions, be it a car even.

Coin Trays

In the ubiquitous digital ecosystem, little change is fast losing relevance. And these separate coin trays and holders are disappearing faster than you can say the word disappear.

Obsolescence being the faithful shadow of technology and progress, giving birth to an air of greater speed, safety, and driver/passenger convenience in automotive travel. 

Apart from a little tingle in the heart, we are in fact happy to see these obsolete features go. Go away truly!

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