7 Tips for Recognizing a Bad Used Car

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7 Tips for Recognizing a Bad Used Car: When you want to have a replacement for your vehicle to prefer a used car, it is not a bad option. With the rise in the economy, buying a new car is proportion to it. If we prefer using a used car, it can provide a lot of alternatives. It can happen only when you know what you are looking for. So it is important to recognize a bad used car.


If you prefer using a used car, there is a probability that you have to pay bucks. However, if we prefer used cars, it provides a way to live more economically. A used car has a tendency to wear and tear in comparison to a normal car. Thus, these are the things which we have to recognize when we shop for a used car.

1. Exterior sign of abuse

If we go through the entire car, we are able to know the past of the car. We are also able to know what it went through. The most important thing to check in the car is the marks and dents in the body of the car. Moreover, the chipped paint, replacing parts and cracks and breaking parts like headlights housing and windows. If you get to know the signs of wear and tear, this is a nod of a warning sign. In such a case we should ask for the vehicle repair and records so that we can become sure about it.

2. Lack of Proper records

If the car dealer with whom you are cracking the deal is not showing you detailed repair records. In such a case it becomes evident that the situation is worse and you can assume the worst. We are not even sure whether the previous owner performed any checkups and try to keep everything in order. Though some dealers allow you to take a test drive and even take a car for inspection by your own mechanic. This is an undue advantage you can take and perform a full check-up of the car before buying.

3. Interior sign of abuse

Always take the time to inspect the car and check all the contents inside to gratify yourself. If there is any component that is missing and is not up to the mark such as knobs, buttons, or handles. Do also look for scratches and condition of car seats and floor mats. In case there is water leakage, so you must be able to detect it. Always remember to check the air conditioner as sometimes emit strange odors. In vase there is a smell of tobacco, there might be a possibility that the owner was a smoker. This all indicates that your car needs care.

4. Car is already warmed up for test drive

One should always go for the test drive whenever given the chance to check the car. This can help you identify problems such as ignition, throttle body, intake valves, fuel pumps, or noisy components. If the car is in a perfect situation, it is a win-win situation and one should buy it. This is a huge deal breaker.

5. Dashboard: Engine light behaves strangely

Always keep an eye on check engine light as and when you turn the key. The normal behavior of the light is turned on for a few seconds and then it is off. If in case the light is not turning on than it is a clear case of a suspect. The dealer can state the reason that there is something wrong with the car which is easy to rectify.

6. Dashboard: Airbag warning light stays lit

One thing that can be a real problem is airbag warning light. If the airbag warning light is on, the airbag has probably been deployed before. It may also not replaced either, after an accident.

7. Dealership, financing offer is too good

If the financing offer is good then it can be true that it is worth buying. Its often said that you should never finance through the dealer if the rate is not 0%. It can also happen that it is a witch hunt played by the dealer and you find the deal attractive. It is advisable to research a lot before making any decision especially when it comes to financing. 7 tips for recognizing a bad used car, this article will help you when you buy a used car.

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