USS Auto Auction R Nagoya, Japan

USS Auto Auction R Nagoya, Japan

Check all the key points related to auction hall, auction location, auction calender, auction sheet,  etc. which you should keep in mind while importing Used Cars from USS Auto Auction R Nagoya, Japan

09:30 JST

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USS Auto Auction R Nagoya: USS – R the abbreviated form of used car system solution and R signifies for recycling. It is one of the venue car auction of USS auto auction located at city Nagoya of Japan.

USS – R deals with recycled cars as, this is one of the appreciable step. Along with their customers, they are also taking care of environment.

USS Nagoya is one of the most popular auction hall in Japan which exhibit more than, 2400 vehicles which are available for auction every Monday at their venue.

How to access USS-R Nagoya:

USS Auto Auction Calendar:

Auction Hall Auction Day Auction Time Location Telephone
USS-R Nagoya
09:30 AM
507-52 Shinpo-machi, Tokai, Aichi

Why Buy From Japanese Cars Auction ?

Accurate Information

All vehicles are checked and inspected by experts and prepare genuine and accurate auction inspection sheet for each vehicle.

Easy to Buy

Its very easy to buy/sale used vehicles in Yahoo Car Auction and other Japanese Cars Auction. All information available in English language.

Many Auction Agents

There are hundreds of auction agents in Japan to get best deal.

Low Charges

Auction members charge only their auction, export processing and shipping arrangement charges.

Large Stock

Around more than 50,000 cars every week available in all auction halls all over Japan. See below auction Calender.

Easy Access to All Information

All auction vehicles data information available online and can be access any part of the world.

Vehicle Price

After successful buy by agent, you can see the price of the vehicle.

How to Buy From Japanese Cars Auction ?

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USS Auto Auction Sheet

USS has one of the best auction grading system along with easy to read auction sheet. You can easily find all the details of vehicle by simply looking at the USS Auction Sheet. Through USS Auction Sheet, you can find out the condition, history and market value of the car before the auction commences.