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Import Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures To Import Japan Used Cars In Guatemala

Check all the key points related to import rules, regulations, policies, documentations, duties and taxes, inspections, restrictions, shipping ports, etc. which you should keep in mind while importing Used Cars from Japan to Guatemala

Year Restriction

Max. 10 Years Old

Destination Port

Puerto Quetzal

Time of Shipment

24-36 Days (RoRo)

Vessel Schedule

Less Than Bi-Monthly (RoRo)

Shipping Line



No Inspection Required

Used Car Import Rules & Regulations in Guatemala


Left-Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of left-hand drive vehicles is permitted in the country. When importing a used vehicle into Guatemala, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, customs authorities will not allow a vehicle that’s older than 10 years (from the date of manufacture) to be imported into the country. You need to procuring documentation that establishes the value of your used Japan vehicle before importing it into Guatemala.

Shipping ports of used car at Guatemala

Guatemala is a member of the Central American Dominican Republic United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), and as such it’s incredibly easy to find a port that offers shipping services to Guatemala. Aside from choosing the port you’d like to ship from, the biggest decision that you’ll have to make is your preferred shipping method.

The two major container ports in Guatemala are Puerto Quetzal and the Port of Santo Tomas de Castilla. The first of those two ports is located on the western coast of the country and makes an ideal arrival port for those shipping their used vehicles from Japan. The Port of Santo Tomas de Castilla is located on the eastern coast of Guatemala, south of Belize. 

Importing a Used Vehicle

Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, is home to volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites. Guatemalans are very much fond of Japanese used cars, as their superior quality made them so popular and also Japanese used cars are available within the couple of years of using, which are highly reliable and worthy to buy because one of the most major factor is they are cheaper and affordable. Before importing a used vehicle from Japan, an importer from Guatemala need to do homework in order to import smoothly into the country premises. 

Used Cars Import Duties And Taxes In Guatemala

Duties & Taxes

Used Cars Import Documentation in Guatemala


Clearing your used vehicle shipped to Guatemala through Japan Customs

Getting your used car through Guatemala Customs

Guatemala Import Regulations: For clearing your used vehicle through Guatemalan customs is a relatively straightforward affair. Once the vehicle arrives in port, you will need to present the following documentation to customs authorities:

5 Easy Steps To Buy Cars From Japan

How to buy JCT low quality

Special Attention

Note: The first four items on the above list will need to be notarized after being inspected by Guatemalan customs.

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