ABS Sensor Ring- How to Find and Clean

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ABS Sensor Ring: The ABS is popularly known as the Anti-lock braking system. It makes the difference between coming to a full stop and your car skidding off the road. This is due to the extended force which is employed on the disc brakes. ABS allows the wheels to rotate and helps in preventing the car from going into a skid. It is this way, you may avoid many accidents and this is the reason ABS is very important.


When you find that your ABS lights come on, it generally means there is something wrong with the system. There is a need of an hour to get the system checked. It is vital to not delay the situation as the proper functioning of ABS can save lives. There are various reasons for the ABS lights to come on. Dirt messing with the sensor can be the major possible cause for disturbance so it becomes important to check it out. Frequently, there is clogging of dirt underneath the car and later interferes with the ABS sensor ring of the car.

If this is the case, the solution is very simple and even you don’t need help from a professional. There are some ways by which you can clean your ABS sensor ring. It makes a warning light go away so that we can enjoy driving during distraction.

Get Your Manual

It is always good to consult the owner’s manual while solving the car problems on your own. It does not matter how much knowledge you have, there are different car models. It’s not all interventions work the same on all the models.

Just find out the ABS system section and the read where the sensor is. What are the requirements to get it and how hard it is to locate?

Support the Vehicle

It is suggestive to use a crank while working under the car. There should be enough space for the maneuvers. It also provides stability and makes the endeavor a safe place while you work.

Locate the ABS Sensor Ring

Once you safely removed the vehicle and ensure you that the vehicle is stabilized. You are required to fully turn the steering wheel in the reverse direction so that you are able to reach the sensor. This is the best way to get the sensor ring in modern cars. But at the same, it is even better to see if there is a requirement of additional safety measures.

Cleaning the ABS Sensor Ring

Once you open everything, you may proceed further to clean the ABS sensor ring with the help of a soft cloth. You may also use some water but don’t try to submerge it. If the situation allows, try to avoid using any sort of chemicals, including soap as it can be the root cause for damage.

Check the manual and after checking you may observe there are suggestive solutions for wiping the dirt off. If there is no solution, use a few drops of water. Cleaning is a very sensitive and precisely calibrated instrument that is destroyable beyond repair. If you apply aggressive options there is no scope for repair.

It is sometimes best to take time as possible as you need until you satisfy yourself with the looks. Don’t try to rush the job and pay a lot of money for the replacement. Once you are satisfied, try to carefully place everything the way it was. Take your car for a test drive to see everything is going good the way it should be.

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