Accelerator pedal on the right and the brake pedal on the left- Why?

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We can find that the accelerator pedal on the right and brake is on the left. Generally, if we see any car we tend to see the same configuration and we consider it normal. But since there is a reason for everything, so there must be a reason for this as well.


Is it decided by law and the automobile industry?

If we manufacture and sell vehicles, manufacturers in Japan have to adhere to road safety standards. They have to abide by every standard of road transportation vehicles. Such instructions are as per the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Japan.

However, there is no rocket science behind rules about pedal placements. The only thing is the devices such as accelerator, brake, the clutch must be located within 500 mm. it must be there at the center of the steering wheel. This makes it easy for the driver to operate in a fixed position.

So there must have been an arrangement between the carmakers and agreed to locate the pedals. Since there are no rules with regard to the pedal configuration is the same in all the countries. This is not the case in Japan only.

This happened naturally

If we look at the history of automobiles, we get to know that the accelerator pedal and brake pedals were always in this way.

The arrangements of each of the five pedals sequentially from the right:

  1. Ford Medal (right: brake, middle reverse, left: clutch and transmission.
  2. Rover Mini ( right: accelerator, middle: break, left: clutch.
  3. Citroen DS ( right: accelerator, middle: brake, left: parking brake.
  4. Volkswagen Type 1( right: accelerator, middle: brake left: clutch).

If we notice that the accelerator of the Ford Model T has a lever operation on the right side of the steering wheel. There was no accelerator pedal.

If we consider Citroen DS, it does not have a clutch pedal because it was semi-automatic. This found very rare these days.

These are the only two exceptions, apart from it right is the accelerator and left is the brake. Such a layout is considered a standard of current cars.

In all vehicles, the right is not necessarily the accelerator and the left is not necessarily the brake

However, there are some vehicles that don’t have an accelerator on the right and brake on the left. We take an example of Honda; it makes a driving assistance device for people having disabilities. In such a scenario, operations of both accelerator and brake with only the left foot.

The people with impaired mobility, for them there are welfare vehicles. Such welfare vehicles have both accelerator and brake by hand. In case of people with mobility in their right leg, or those with immobility on both legs. It is necessary to have such vehicles that are not accelerator pedal on the right and brake on the left.

If the configuration and laws have been decided by the law, the vehicle can be treated as illegal and thus not exist. Thus specific arrangements of the pedal are not decided by law.

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