Announcing the new pickup truck “Nissan Navara

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Nissan Announcing the new pickup truck “Nissan Navara” equipped with the latest technology


Nissan Motors announced the new pickup truck “Navara” on the 5th. The new Nissan Navara has improved safety, comfort, and driving performance in addition to the high durability, reliability, and ease of use that have been highly evaluated by customers.

Nissan selling pickup trucks for over 80 years, and among them, “Nissan Navara” used by customers all over the world as a reliable partner. The new “Nissan Navara” a model that embodies Nissan Motor’s philosophy of inheriting the history of Nissan pickup trucks and delivering advanced technology to many customers.


The new “Navara” pickup is a highly reliable model as a work and travel partner, and is equipped with many ” Nissan Intelligent Mobility ” technologies such as a safe driving support system, and is the most advanced “Navara” to date. “is.

“It is equipped with various advanced technologies to not only improve dynamic driving performance in on-road and off-road situations but also to ensure safety and comfort. It provides toughness, technology, and a sense of security. Nissan Motors deliver the product in a way that meets the expectations of today’s customers.

As the technology of ” Nissan Intelligent Mobility ” installed in “Navara”, in addition to the intelligent emergency brake that supports collision avoidance with vehicles in front and pedestrians. It detects vehicles running in front of two vehicles and risks lurking in front. Navara equipped with an intelligent FCW that calls attention to it.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

The Intelligent Around View Monitor uses 4 cameras to detect the approach of surrounding cars and people to ensure safety. In addition, since you can see your vehicle and parking position from a bird’s-eye view, it supports the driver when entering the garage or parallel parking. In addition, the new Navara equipped with a new off-road monitor that allows you to check surrounding obstacles when driving at low speeds with the four-wheel-drive mode set.

However, regarding the vehicle body, the rear axle strengthened and the loading space expanded to increase the loadable weight. In addition, a new step installed on the rear bumper to improve the ease of getting on and off the loading platform. And adopting a newly developed steering rack, maneuverability in various speed ranges including low-speed range improved. Furthermore, by changing the joint between the frame and body to increase rigidity, and by changing the suspension settings. Also, the vibration in the passenger compartment significantly reduced. Quietness has also been improved, and a quiet and comfortable ride has been achieved. I will.

Announcing the new pickup truck "Nissan Navara

Interlocking design grille

The design theme of the new “Nissan Navara” is “ruggedness”. However, it has a rugged, bold, and stylish exterior designed for use in harsh environments. “We adopted an interlocking design grille that expresses robustness and a C-shaped headlamp design that gives a strong impression. And while it is a design that can be recognized as” Navara “at a glance. So, it has realized a more dignified impression.” Kenly, senior design director of Nissan’s pickup and frame SUV vehicles, said.

For the new “Navara”, a new style package “PRO-4X” set. Targeting adventurers and travelers seeking a break from everyday life. The PRO-4X has a black-painted emblem, orange-accented front bumper, black grille, door handles, roof racks, running board, and 17-inch black. Equipped with wheels and all-terrain tires, it has an active appearance.

Interior: Announcing the new pickup truck “Nissan Navara

Announcing the new pickup truck "Nissan Navara

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