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Are You Shaken Because of Shaken?

Are You Shaken Because of Shaken?

A car Shaken while driving due to several problems. Such problems can be related to suspension or wheels that cause these elements to not sit properly. This is the reason that vehicle shudder as and when vehicles move forward. Shaking and tremors occur in the steering wheel as vehicles reach higher velocities.

There are various reasons that your shaken and which can also make us feeling shaken:

If a car vibrates a lot, it can lead to serious accidents. If we detect or come across such problems, you must find out the cause and take it to a repair shop.

Here some reasons for the vibration of an engine:

Wheel out of balance

The most common problem by which vehicles can shake is by the wheels. We can easily feel the vibration in the floorboard and driver’s seat when the speed is high.

If the wheels are not balanced, we not only face difficulty in driving but also cause car shaking and vibrating. When the wheels are not in good condition, drivers are unable to control their own speed and directions. It may even lead to accidents. This is something drivers must pay attention to it.

Spark plugs

This is one of the most famous causes which people tend to ignore a lot. But it is important to note that spark plugs play an important role in the process of driving. So if the car shakes, you must check the car plugs. If you have a faulty spark plug, the engine will vibrate and cause mis-fire. It can also damage the car system. However, it is easy to fix the issue by changing a new plug.

Worn Tie Rod Ends

Another unexpected reason for car shaking is the tie rod. It is the one it connects the wheel to your car steering. This tie rod keeps the vehicle in the same direction. Thus it becomes easy for the drivers to adjust and change the directions by controlling the steering.

The scary part is: when the tie rods start wearing out, wheels go to different directions and part ways. Apart from this terrifying misdirection driving, this will also cause vibration.

Clogged Transmission filter

The transmission filter is an important part of the car that needs a lot of attention. If this filter becomes clogged, the car tends to vibrate when they reach highway speed.

If you want to fix the issue, all the drivers need to replace the offending transmission filters.

Worn upper strut bearings

If we talk about the struts, worn upper struts bearing is another common reason. Just like other reasons for car shaking when carrying too heavy or going too fast. Worn upper strut cause vibration.

In such a case, a full car service check by a mechanic is suggestible. This requires immediate action as the shake it creates is quite intense. The problem can arise for a bent axle, spark plugs, worn ball joints, loose houses, and many other reason. You must be careful and take a car on a proactive basis to a mechanic or a service center.

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