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Auction house by group: There are a lot of auction houses in Japan. The auctions are categorized on a regional and another basis, with specific times scheduled for each. So, a person can’t be practically present at all auction sites and can miss out on ideal cars. Various types of Auction house by the group are mentioned below:


Toyota Auto Auction (TAA)

Toyota Auto Auction (TAA) is one of the biggest and oldest auction house dealing in mostly high standard Toyota Vehicles. Hence, the TAA auction house offers venues at the most popular regions in Japan thereby attracting dealers and members from Japan and other countries of the world to buy the world’s leading auto brand.

The Toyota Auto Auction makes sure the vehicles are preserved from all external hazards. Hence, providing a completely clean and car-friendly environment. Although, the Auction house by group contains TAA auction house at the top.


Chubu Auto Auction (CAA)

Chubu Auto Auction is one of the most popular auction houses in Japan that only deal in cars that pass through quality inspection. Therefore, that’s one reason customers do not complain about the durability, reliability or quality of the vehicle purchased from these auction houses.

Finally, the auction house currently offers 4 venues in Japan where dealers from the local market of Japan. The international market participates in online auctions on a regular basis.



Bay AUC, is a Japanese auction house, is well-known to provide high grade and well-maintained cars to its customers. Thus, one major reason for their popularity among the customers is that they take care of the vehicles and have facilities that help them in saving these vehicles from harsh climatic changes.

Moreover, they make sure the cars are properly inspected before the auction. It because that all the damages and faults, on the exterior and interior body are documented. They aim to provide the best vehicles to their customers in order to avoid complaints in the future. Thereby helping them in getting more business.


MIRIVE Auction House

MIRIVE Auction House has been dealing with the sale of high-quality vehicles since 1999 and is connected with the topmost net auctions worldwide. Thus, the dealers from Japan and outside of Japan regularly participate in the MIRIVE auction to find their desired car from a huge variety of quality vehicles.


Aichi Auto Auction (AAA)

Aichi Auto Auction (AAA), is operated by Aichi Toyota Motor Corporation, is mostly the market of car dealers where dealers from Japan and all over the world actively participate in the auction exhibitions on a regular basis. Therefore, this Aichi Auto Auction house is highly popular among dealers due to their easy and simple auction process, where one can get hold of any vehicle they like within seconds of time.

AAA always have come up with effective and efficient auction techniques. They consider the time of their consumers and bidders very precious. This is what makes them different from their competitors.


Japan Automobile Auction

Japan Automobile Auction (JAA) is located in a widely popular region of Japan, offering a huge variety of high-grade cars to buyers in Japan and other countries of the world. They deal in the world’s top brands like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, etc.

Thus, this auction house maintains a nice and clean environment for cars. It has applied major steps to protect the vehicles from all damages and rust issues.


HAA Auction House

HAA, as compared to other auction houses in Japan, is not very large, but is considered as one of the best because it is located in the centre of the famous Kobe City. It is a centre of attraction for local and international car dealers, who can easily visit the site via trains, buses or other mediums. One can also participate in online bidding if a physical visit is not possible.


ARAI Auto Auction Group

ARAI Auto Auction Group is a well-known auction house attracting large and heavy vehicle dealers from Japan and other countries of the world. The good thing about the auction houses is that they are located at the ideal locations in Japan making it easily accessible for dealers to visit the physical site.

The auction house deals in well-maintained and reliable heavy and large trucks with a clean ambience for the vehicles. For this very reason, they enjoy the participation of a huge crowd of bidders. These bidders, who are interested in purchasing high-grade trucks from them.

Auction House by Group

JU Auction House

JU is one of the biggest auction houses in Japan offering 23 popular venues to auto dealers and members across the world. Due to the diverse dealer market, the majority dealers participate in regular bidding which has increased the closing ratio significantly.

Moreover, JU deals in the sale of top-quality vehicles. JU conducts the auction thorough inspection before the auction thereby providing all information. This information such as damage history, detailed Auction sheet, etc.

Auction House by Group


ORIX auction houses have gained huge popularity in Japan as well as across the globe. Since ORIX auction house inception and till now, it has always been successful in seizing massive car auction markets in Japan. ORIX mainly deal in a huge variety of lease-up and rental vehicles, starting from motor-bikes to heavy vehicles, like trailers.

They enjoy the great advantage of the biggest strength of automobile leasing.

Auction House by Group

Inspire Partners Auction House (IPA)

Inspire Partners Auction House (IPA) offers four venues in Japan to dealers and members across Japan and worldwide. The Inspire Partners auction house provides a very friendly and clean environment where buyers can easily visit and select their desired vehicle from their auctions. Finally, they have maintained their reputation in providing highly reliable and good quality vehicles which makes it one of the most visited auction houses in Japan.

Auction House by Group

Logico Universal Market (LUM)

LUM Auction Houses mainly deal in the expired lease cars of Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service, most of which are one-owner vehicles. Therefore, the auction house is well-known for providing high standard cars to avoid future complaints and disappointments from the customers.

Finally, the LUM auction houses are properly structured to maintain a clean environment for the cars. So, along with a regular inspection to preserve the reliability and efficiency of cars.

Auction House by Group

USS Auction House

USS Auction House deals in high-grade vehicles offering sixteen on-site locations across Japan. Therefore, the auction at USS takes place on different days of the week, therefore active dealers and members can participate in the USS Auction House at their own preferences.

Auction House by Group

Nissan Auto Auction (NAA)

Nissan Auto Auction (NAA), is one of the most popular auction houses in Japan as it offers a broad range of Nissan Vehicles. Therefore, the auction houses are located at the ideal venues where a large number of dealers and members participate actively in the auction trying to win the bid and get the best vehicles at the best rates.

Auction House by Group

Honda Auto Auction (HAA)

Honda Auto Auction (HAA) offers six different venues to the dealers and members across the world. Hence, who wish to buy high-quality Honda Vehicles at competitive price rates. Hence, customers can participate in online bidding held on Mondays and get a chance to get their desired Honda Vehicle. So, the Honda auction house enjoys more closing ratio as compared to other auction houses.

Auction House by Group


AUCNET began as the world’s 1st TV auctions of used cars in 1985. Over the span of 30 years, AUCNET developed various optimal and efficient styles of auctions. Although, AUCNET not having a physical auction house location. It is still gaining great popularity among the consumers on providing good quality cars.

Finally, AUCNET auction holds a network of 7000 dealers and you can bid live without even travelling to any auction.

Auction House by Group

Light Auto Auction (LAA)

Light Auto Auction (LAA) offers a variety of good grade vehicles to local and international buyers at extremely competitive rates. Thus, dealers and members can actively participate in the auctions held on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on their preference.

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