Audi R8 Maintenance Cost

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Everybody knows that the Audi R8 is a supercar; it is an exotic high-performance street-legal sports car. If you buy a brand new model, it is for sure you have to pull off a certain amount of money. Just like any other expensive cars, the maintenance cost of the Audi R8 is over the odds. The cost is skyrocketing and is enough to raise the eyebrows of many car owners.


A breakdown of the Audi R8 Maintenance cost

If we compare the maintenance cost of other cars with Audi R8, Audi R8 is as expensive as Porsche. However, as far as the upkeep cost of sports exotic car is concerned, the expenses of the Audi R8 are till less. The main set back is the repair expense. Moreover to find a certified R8 outside the purview of an Audi dealership is a bit difficult.

Maintenance Schedule

Generally, the maintenance schedule of the R8 model is similar to other Audi cars. Considering the routine maintenance, it can be a big advantage. On a regular basis like every two years or after reaching 20000 miles. It is important to check the fuel filler door and lubricate the hood latches and locks. The front axle of the car needs servicing after 120000 miles or 10 years. You should do minor servicing on a pro-active basis every 10000 miles. Such services can include:

  1. Replacing the windshield wipers or changing the oil. Apart from it, it does not require that much special attention as it is a robust car.

If we compare it with regular cars such as Toyota, Honda, Chevy Commuter car, R8 demands regular high maintenance cost. If we even change the oil it can cost hundreds of dollars and changing a windshield. It can easily cross a thousand dollar thresholds.

Other Common Costs

Apart from the regular servicing, cars sometimes need unexpected maintenance and repair. Like there can be flat tires, broken rotor pads, and a cracked windshield. The prices of component cost and labour are akin to other cars. But at the same time, they are way more expensive than mainstream vehicles.

However, Audi R8 maintenance cost is still lower than other exotic high-performance cars. For instance, costs of spark plugs are almost twice of Porsche and also the front brake pads.

The bottom Line

Even if we cut all the costs, you still have to spend around certain bucks on a yearly basis on the Audi R8 maintenance. But still, the Audi R8 is still economical as compared to other expensive supercars. Such expensive cars can be Aston Martin, Vulcan, Ferrari F60, or Lamborghini Veneno roadster. We can also cut other expenses if we perform some small maintenance stuff. Such maintenance stuff can be changing the oil yourself. We can down the cost by subscribing to the Audi care or Audi care Plus Scheduled Maintenance Plan. These plans are less expensive rather than spending on individual services.

Thus it is not it is an expensive car to maintain there are some cars whose maintenance is far more expensive.

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