Automatic Transmission Car-10 Things to Avoid

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Automatic Transmission is the best kind of transmission in vehicles. It is capable of switching the gear ratios automatically while driving. In these vehicles, one doesn’t need to change gears from time to time. Moreover, it is safe, easy, and comfortable to use but you must know some things to avoid damages. Some mistakes can cost a lot of money on repairs. So, it is better to be aware of and avoid them.


Here are the 10 things which you need to know and evade:

1. To Drive fast from the very beginning.

This act can lead to intense damage to the internal parts of your car. You should give the engine some time to get ready. Since the fuel becomes firmer, especially when you don’t drive for long and cold weather.

Automatic Transmission Car-10 Things to Avoid

2. To possess a very short storage of petrol in the tank.

To work appropriately, an automatic transmission car needs moisture within the body. Also, it helps the inner components of the car to stay cool and greased. So, when you keep low fuel constantly, the life of the engine & other parts falls continually.

Automatic Transmission Car-10 Things to Avoid

3. To switch the car into a neutral mode when there is a red light.

It is great to put the manual ones into the neutral mode. However, it is not ok with automatic transmission cars. People do this act with the mindset that it will minimize the wear & tear of their car. The fact is that your car will face only damages by this activity. So, you need to put the transmission in driving mode at the time of the red signal.

Automatic Transmission Car-10 Things to Avoid

4. To change gears when the automatic transmission vehicle is moving.

You need to stop the car entirely before you shift your gear to reverse or drive. Since it will cause the wear and tear of transmission at a surprising speed. Also, you should push the breaks and then switch to the parking mode to avoid damages to the gearbox.

Automatic Transmission Car-10 Things to Avoid

5. To Rev an engine when the automatic transmission is not connected.

It causes an intensive disturbance in the gearbox. It generates friction among the internal parts which costs huge damages in the engine. So, you should never do this act since the replacement cost is very high.


6. To keep the car at neutral mode while moving down a pitch.

Keeping at neutral mode means no fuel supply in the gearbox. When the automatic transmission doesn’t get proper grease while moving then it causes harm and damage. It can save a very small amount of petrol but leads to a huge repair cost.


7. To change into park mode before the car is entirely stopped.

When the car is in moving mode and you lock it then it will surely cause damage in the locking pin. Also, if you keep this behavior constantly then it will break the locking pin of your car.


8. To put the car in driving mode while sitting there for a long.

It makes the gearbox very hot. You should keep the car in parking mode when you are only sitting for a long time. Since that overheating can cause severe damage to the gearbox.


9. To skip interlocking the automatic transmission with the parking brake.

It is crucial to engage the car with a parking brake. Since the parking pawl of the gearbox can get damaged if someone taps the car’s bumper. Parking Pawl is a machine that is available in automatic transmission car to lock it up.

10. To perform some silly blunders.

You can make mistakes like putting any water bottle or any other liquid substance near the gearbox of the car. If the water gets into the transmission by mistakenly then it can cause intense damage to it. One more thing to avoid is keeping both legs while driving. You should use only one leg for automatic ones.

These were the most vital notes which you need to always remember while driving an automatic transmission car. Any small mistake can waste a large amount of money. That is why we have mentioned all the necessary things which you should avoid. Now, we hope that your car will remain safe & secure by following these tips.

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