Automatic vs Manual Cars

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What’s the difference between manual and automatic transmission?
Not getting into the technical part, the main difference between the automatic vs manual cars is that automatic cars don’t have a clutch pedal.


You are also having a simplified gearbox. The manual transmission cars have five or six gears, together with reverse. It gives you full control over how the car performs.

Automatic cars have four modes on a general basis

  1. Park – P
  2. Reverse – R
  3. Neutral – N
  4. Drive – D

The car selects the right gear by itself for the purpose of speed and road conditions. This implies that you are only required to think about whether you are going forwards, backward, or stop.

There are a number of alternative types of automatic transmission available. It includes continuously variable Transmission (CVT), single automated clutches, and twin clutches. As far as comparison is concerned, we all are looking at the traditional automatic gearbox.

Are manual cars better than automatic cars?

Things are never that simple. As you are going to expect, there are pros and cons to every choice you make. It holistically depends upon your circumstances and your driving style.

Pros of manual transmission

The main reason or plus point of driving a manual car is that you can have self-control over the car by itself. If you want to shift from second straight to fourth and you can go for it. Needing a bit of extra oomph for the hill start than in such a case, fill your boots.


You may realize that a manual car is less expensive than automatics on average. This can be due to the fact that automatics are less popular and also there is no such demand for them.

In addition to some drivers, it just feels good and we can say right to change the gear by you. There are some habits which are hard to break. There is a certain level of satisfaction when you switch gears by yourself. Sometimes, it feels as cool as the fast and furious films appear it out to be.

Pros of automatic transmission

Hopping into an automatic car and the first thing you may encounter is that it is a lot easier to drive. Without the need to press the clutch or find the right gear, stalling is a thing that becomes of the past.

When you drive in slow-moving or start traffic it becomes much easier with an automatic. There is also a smooth transition between gears, resulting in a more pleasant, judder-free ride, etc,.

Due to less chance of accidentally grinding the gears, there is less probability of transmission less likely to fail. When it fails, it is more likely to become an expensive repair job.

So which is better?

From a general perspective, an automatic car is much more suitable and better for those who are good for urban driving. If nothing else, there is no need to press the clutch on and off continuously. This is going to lessen the driver fatigue.

If you travel larger distances or drive on faster roads, a manual car is a better option. If you have control over the gears, the more efficiently you can drive.

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