Bentley Continental vs Mazda Roadster

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Who does not want to buy an amazing luxury car yet affordable? So, if you are thinking of buying a car and are a little baffled between Bentley continental vs Mazda Roadster. Then in such a case, it is important to keep in mind the quality aspects in order to buy the car. Here in this segment, we shall be discussing the features, interior, designing, and driving. Following is the article discussing the between Bentley Continental vs Mazda Roadster.


Bentley Continental

The Bentley Continental is commonly known as BC amongst the people. So important is the first Conti GT which is not only for sales. However, setting a template and tone for the whole brand. You can easily argue that it is not for the two-door coupe Bentley might very well but not with us today. The total number of models sold in the market is huge in the past 13 years. It is one of the most luxurious cars of modern times.


It is a great thing, the new Bentley Continental where at the front wheel, there is a shift forward 135 mm to improve the weight distribution and drop the engine lower and further back in the chassis.

There are certain standard specifications that include full matrix LED lights, a 12.3 in central touch screen, Wi-Fi, a head-up display, night vision, a 650 w stereo, and 21-inch wheels. At times, the other version of it also became available- a twin-turbo V8 and almost certainly a hybrid, a convertible, and so on. However, the first version is the one that counts. This car carries with it the weight of Bentley‘s expectations on its shoulders.



The all-new athletic-looking new Bentley Continental is also more athletic driving. The 48v electrics are like involved in making this car. The whole system is very impressive enough at keeping the giant like automobiles under control. While using them to underpin the Conti gives it a dynamic look that never happened before.

In order to keep the mass in order, it has to heave and struggle a lot. But now the situation is different. Moreover, the way it goes around the nook and corners is uncanny. While opening the bonnet, you may soon find the engine is still a long way forward, most ahead of the front axle. However the front end grip, the lack of roll, and the fact that it actually changes direction astutely. This is all something new in the model. It is less nose-heavy, as well as electronics. It is able to carry and maintain the speed across the country and this is something to welcome.

Also, another thing to welcome is body control. It is though not an easy task to keep two and a quarter tonnes of the coupe in check. It is like still the new Conti is able to retain its composure way beyond the point where high expectation collides. This may collide with physics-defying mysticism.

 In short, the Conti GT appears to be sportier, and in doing so has lost some of the steamroller ability to crush distance that it used to have.

On the inside

It is a lovely car. The electric features are almost the same as in Panama’s and A8. However, this model owns luxury, tactility, and ambiance. The part that slightly grates is the virtual cockpit dash display that does not function intuitively and attractively here.


The influence of the laid back A-Pillar and chunky mirror makes for a big forward blind spot. On the other side, the view of the back is much narrower than you expect.


The leather and wood are beautifully done. The steering wheel does not have flat-bottom nonsense and connectivity. The back part is not that big however you’d volunteer as a resort to get four people an hour or two away with room for weekend luggage. This is in the golf rivaling 358-liter boot.

It is quite a comfortable model. Thick seats and the driving position and also the cabin access is good.

Mazda Roadster

This is absolutely the most recognizable sports car in the globe. It is perhaps the most selling car in the past 29 years. This is what makes it the biggest selling roadster on the planet.


It is basically a fourth-generation model and has just received a midlife update. Though it is actually a biggie. The reason is the first time in the ages that there is actually more powerful.

While the Mazda roadster sticks to its roots and only stimulates its rear wheels with naturally aspirated petrol engines. This indicates no all-wheel drive or turbo is here. These engines are cleverer than ever. It is getting benefit from the entire nuanced tech that comes from Mazda’s Skyactiv engine development.

Stop scoffing: amid the 50: 50 distribution, along with perfectly placed pedals and a low slung seat. The inability you find while pulling the wheel out to your chest is a real bugbear on the Mazda Roadster. This can prove to be an as tangible improvement as that extra bhp.


The Mazda Roadster continues to be an exemplar as to why pure, simple sports can be so much interesting to drive. The weight is very light and due to its lightweight, it immediately makes itself recognized.

The Mazda Roadster is an example that even a simple sports car can be so much fun. It is like sheer joy while driving. It is a great advert for sticking with manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and no turbocharging. You just only need to get in and drive the knackers off it.

The cheaper 1.5 liter is not at all a bad alternative. It also revs to 7500 r/pm, so you are going to get similar thrills but at slightly slower speeds. The 2.0 has more senior stuff as standard-a limited-slip differential. It has on the other hand fancy Brillstein suspension so it is up to the choice of drivers.

However, if you want a roadster for sunning yourself or a spot of posing, the 1.5 does the job marvelously.

On the inside

At first go, the interior looks pleasingly simpler. There are a big fat central rev counter, perfect pedal placement, and manual air control. It has an adjustable steering wheel. The best is the ability to put the final cherry atop a great driving position by pulling the wheel nice and close.


Apart from the big steering column news, interior headlines for the updated.


Beyond the big steering column news, interior headlines for the updated Mazda Roadster are doors that open a bit wider, some reinforced cup holders, and the addition of proper smartphone link-up for the media screen. 


The Mazda Roadster is the best selling car in the world. It’s a car with cheap running costs and broad appeal. It is actually a fun car to drive. Moreover, the latest model focuses on details without disrupting the bigger picture. However, it is still falling short of being the benchmark for handling precision. Car comparison of Bentley Continental vs Mazda Roadster.

Bentley is successful in giving what people are demanding from it. This is more of an athletic, sporting, rapid, capable continental. Considering the performance and handling, it is far much better than the old one. The 48 v electronics, long wheelbase, and air suspension have given dynamism to it. Though comfort and relaxation might get slipped but by just 5 percent.  However, the dynamism is up to 50 percent.

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