Black Cars get Hotter in the Summers

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Do black cars get hotter in the summers? It might be a rhetorical question:; But it hearts a pithy point. A point one needs to ponder. Since if a car heats up more just because of color, it offers much spice to debate and rethink especially for a prospective buyer.


The Lab Study

Of quoted,  in this is the 2011 study by Berkely Labs Environment Energy Technology Division. In the said study they found that with silver and other lighter paint colors the car’s efficiency improved.

This even prompted the California lawmakers in 2008-2009  to consider banning black cars altogether. The idea of getting some of the conservatives like Rush Limbaugh all worked up. And the act of banning the black cars never saw the light of the day.

The 5 Degree Differences

In a separate instance especially for the hotter countries and regions some of this has also come up. It has been found that black cars get about 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the light-colored cars. Obviously a hard-hitting fact enough to make a prospect stop and pontificate.

Energy Efficiency and Temperature

Your car’s energy efficiency is an important ad as the temperature comfort in the car is important, faster heating up the car would require more energy for its temperature to be restored to the comfortable level.

Studies indicating that the lighter colored cars reflecting 60% of the sunlight as compared to the 20% reflected by the black cars; Efficiency wise in terms of running energy consumption the lighter shades obviously win hands down.

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AC Cooling it

This light-reflecting efficiency also translates to a lesser load on the AC as the car starts running with finally with the mileage of the car improves. In the long run, even the engine wear and tear gets effected through in minuscule terms.

Right for the Black

But then the black color is the color of the enigma. It has the zing to add to your personality. The ‘Godfather’ color is somberly emanating a certain different class and grace. The elegance and poise which everyone has the right to and not just reserved for ‘Presidents’, ‘Movie Stars’, and  ‘Mob stars’.

Yet arguing from the opposite aisle one might quibble that since less efficient cars load the environment with more harmful emissions, It’s also about everyone’s’ rights. Hence it just might be in the duties of the prospective purchaser to figure in at least a self-dialogue on the justification of the black car purchase.

Black is after all Style

But then let’s face it. With the more efficient air conditioning systems in the new cars, the driver would be equally comfortable in the black car as of the light coloured cars. Though in the short distance travel the might disadvantaged. The AC taking the extra load and the time lag in the stabilising of the internal temperature.

Nonetheless, the black car user might express a greater ‘halleluiah’ given that his style and projections are turning many onlookers all green. So that his driving that somber style black Mercedes, Limo or Honda City, puts him at peace with his persona and credence!

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