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BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class

BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class

3 Points to make a decision The Winner of BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class

If you have got a headache while choosing a luxury car, this post will facilitate your compare BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class to seek out the simplest one for you. During this vehicle examination, vehicle proprietors must settle on an extravagance car class and an increasingly well-known adaptation. While it sounds like the comparison is not easy to choose. We are going to suggest some points for drivers to know more about these two cars.

BMW 3 Series versus Mercedes C Class: Hardest Correlation

Mercedes-Benz C-Class could be a befitting recommendation for anyone on the search for something luxury sedan class. This time, it’s been perfectly revamped boasting a neat look.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class


At the indistinguishable time, the current version is enhanced through some top of the line details than the active models.

BMW 3 Series


Coming to BMW 3 series, it’s undoubtedly one in all the foremost popular versions from Mercedes. Well, when there are two masterpieces within the market, comparisons are inevitable. Undoubtedly both these are enviously successful regarding sales, carrying an easy tag. In any case, there will be various focuses to list inside the line-up of BMW 3 series versus Mercedes C Class, to shape it agreeable.

Latest Specs

The best thanks to kick-starting the BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class would be to place lights on the tweaks introduced with their respective latest editions. Starting with BMW 3 series, the revamped version brings Bluetooth together with specs like navigation systems, and therefore the power sunroof.


Coming to BMW 3- series, it displays hard and fast class, both outside and inside together with the completely new motor. The sole thing that this edition retains is that the C-Class Coupe; it’s just about the identical because it was last year. To summarize, this round of BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C Class conflict goes to the BMW 3-Series.


BMW 3 Series Dashboard

When I first sat within the new 3 Series at a motor show, It used to be blown away by what quantity better everything looked and felt. It does appear more luxurious than previous generations.

BMW 3 Series Rear Seats

The fundamental layout remains identical for the foremost part, but the freestanding infotainment screen, digital dials, wood vinyl central console, and even switchgear feel classier than before.

Mercedes C-Class Dashboard

But thankfully, the main target is on the motive force. It’s amazing how low the powered seats can go I wish the steering went a notch lower to stay up.

Mercedes C-Class Interior

Safety features

The Mercedes has the preferred position here with seven airbags, an impact cautioning framework and a hood that lifts itself for a better person on foot security when contrasted with the BMW six airbags. In terms of other features, both offer reverse cameras with guidelines and might park themselves.

Engine, performance & efficiency

Both these sedans have 2-liter diesel under their hoods, with some key differences. The BMW includes a twin-turbo unit (B47) to assist achieve the emissions and efficiency brief and puts out 190PS and 400Nm torque but isn’t BSVI compliant yet. The Mercedes’ OM654 is BSVI compliant and in a very higher state of tune than the C220d, peaking at 245PS and 500Nm torque.

Ide & handling

On the off chance that you anticipate that it should be less agreeable than the Mercedes, you’re off-base! an enormous a part of what’s likely to be the lower-profile rubber on the Mercedes, which forces you to watch out over bad patches where you’ll be able to get rattled around inside the cabin and listen to frightful thuds from the suspension if you do not take it easy.


Mercedes cars are known its trustworthy attributes. During this context, reliability should be a term when someone compares the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class series. The simplest to determine both during this round would be to require a glance at the warranties both offer.

Indeed, both 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class go side by side on this issue; featuring lovely identical highlights four years (up to 50,000 miles) guarantees. Both these possess the powertrain protection feature moreover. Hence, it’s a tie this round to check BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class.

Fuel Economy

This round of BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class is certainly visiting be the decider one. Mercedes C-Class comes with a pair of engines, whereas the BMW 3 series has five alternatives. BMW 3 Series through back-end wheel drive conveys twenty-three mpg inside the city ways, which gets roughly thirty-five mpg on the extending roadways.

On the contrary hand, the Mercedes C-Class appears around twenty-five mpg inside the urban areas and around 30 mpg on the roadways. So without making any confusion, the BMW 3 series wins this round of latest BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class clash.

All things considered, it mustn’t be troublesome presently to proclaim the champ in BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class examination now. Three Series of an accident has caused things to seem to refer to that the BMW 3 Series gets a slight gesture during this conflict of two heroes.

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