BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

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When you compare BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz ML-class, you can come to the conclusion that they both have the same price range. They both come with similar features. But there are certain features that make them entirely different. Let us take a glimpse to gather some points of difference in order to choose which one is ideal.


BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Side by Side Comparison

FeaturesBMW X5Mercedes-BenzML Class
Engine Performance184 – 575 hp335 hp
Fuel Consumption10.6 km/l9.4 km/l
Key FeaturesBuilt-in Monitor Sunroof Power WindowsCruise Control Adjustable Sunroof High Ground Clearance
Capacity5 Passengers5 Passengers

Introducing the BMW X5

It was first introduced and appeared in the market in the year 1999. It is the first SUV under this brand. When the second generation was launched, it was X5 together with improvements including an all-wheel-drive system and also with an automatic transmission.

BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

It continued its production till 2006. The third-generation model started its production in the year 2013 till 2018. It undergoes a number of improvements and imbibing the latest technology features.

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

The first Mercedes Benz ML-Class appeared in the market in the year 1998. The ML 320 comes with a 215 hp, 3.2-liter V6 Engine. This vehicle is able to see much more specification with time.

It also includes a V8 Engine which is included in the M class Benz which was produced in the year 1999. Though the first model has certain stability control issues which got later fixed in the upcoming models.

Used Pricing Comparison

If you prefer to use BMW X5, you may get an affordable price at Japanese Car Trade. And similarly goes for used Mercedes Benz ML-Class however it could be a little more expensive than Used BMW X5.

Interior & Exterior Comparison


The BMW X5 is a 5 door, 5 seater SUV, one of the best luxury cars; it is inclusive of big interiors having big space and is enough to carry five tall adults comfortably. The interior of the BMW X5 has a variety of features. 

It also includes a convenient 10-way adjustable front seats. Moreover, the driver seat has many features such as lumbar support, heated seats and it’s available in leather.

Some of the interiors also include a built-in system monitor, navigation system and smart device integration system, front and rear cupholders, power control for the tailgate, sunroof and all power windows.

Like any other BMW, this model also has cockpit a driver-centric affair, combining such features with easy reach. Apart from it, it also has a telescopic steering wheel as well as a useful footrest. It is also available with an automatic transmission.

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

It is a 5 door, 5 seater SUV with an all-wheel-drive system. It is able to transfer power to the wheels which need a better grip at the required time. If you compare it to the BMW X5, the ML class is bigger inside and is able to seat 5 adults with enough space for the knees of the entire passenger.

The interior of the car includes nine airbags, a four-zone automatic air conditioner, cruise control system, memory seats with lumbar support. The rear and front seats are adjustable. It also includes electronic retractable side mirrors, power windows, and sun visors with mirrors for both the driver and front passenger.

Fuel Efficiency

If you look at the fuel efficiency, BMW X5 is more efficient but the tank is smaller in comparison to the Mercedes Benz ML class. If you drive in areas where roads are in bad condition, you can prefer the ML class all-wheel-drive capabilities as opposed to the X5’s rear-wheel drive.

The prices of both vehicles are quite similar. Provided you consider the model of the same year. However, due to market forces, prices may fluctuate, and as a result of which ML class cost can reach high. So choose wisely.

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