Buying a Japan Used Car – 5 things you should keep in mind

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People prefer buying a Japan used car as it is a cheaper option in comparison to a new car. Japan Used Cars are the world’s best in terms of quality, durability, and maintenance. Buying a used car involves less capital investment hence allowing cash savings, You can also afford a luxury car at a reasonable price in the used car marketplace. A used car is also a viable option for a person to test out their driving skills as a rookie. It also helps them in gaining more confidence in their driving skills to eventually purchase a new car.


Used car buying and selling is a thriving business in Japan. Here most cars involved are safe and reliable, this is declared after point-to-point inspection by trained mechanics. Used Cars from Japan get exported around the world at competitive prices and have made their mark in many countries. Following 5 points you should keep in mind while buying a Japan Used Car:

Beware of Fraud while buying a Used Car from Japan:

There are lots of fraudulent activities prevalent on the internet, Japan Used Car marketplace is vulnerable to it as well. You shouldn’t buy a used car on the internet from a seller by only seeing its pictures. If you are accessing an unverified website to get details about the used car, then it can be false advertising. 

You should verify the seller by checking its reviews over the internet at different verified websites. You can even make a call at their Japan office to confirm the physical location of the exporters. Always remember to send your hard-earned money only to Japan Bank Account only. Never send money outside Japan or in any unknown bank account.
Verify the seller at JCT or JUMVEA website if you have a doubt about any used car exporter.

Decide a Budget before you buy a Japan Used Car:

Make a rough budget estimation of the amount that you are willing to spend on buying a used car. It helps in keeping a check on the finances and prevents overspending while choosing a better car. 

Choose the financing option to buy a Japan Used Car either from instalments, bank loan, credit union, or car dealership etc. Also, don’t forget to plan for maintenance and running repairs of the used car.

Select a viable Japan Used Car model:

There is a wide range of Japan Used Car models available in the market. You can select a viable model that suits your personal requirements. Used cars are available in the market in different models like SUVs, Sedan Cars, Hatchbacks, Wagons, Minivans, and Sports Cars, etc. 

Used Car specifications mainly include engine mileage, fuel tank capacity, seating capacity, service cost etc. You should thoroughly research all these specifications before selecting a used car model for buying.

Check the Inspection Sheet carefully: 

All Japan Used Car exporters provide an inspection sheet for the car you want to purchase. You can ask for the English Translated Auction Sheet, this will show the accurate condition of the car in the English language.

Inspection Sheets provided by the Japan Auto Auctions are pretty accurate. It comes with detailed technical information about the physical condition of the used car. Check these Inspection Sheets carefully before taking a final decision about buying a Japan Used Car.

Ensure complete documentation

Once you have decided to buy a Japan Used Car, then make the online payment. Send your hard-earned money only to the Japan Bank Account of the seller. A used car with its legal documents will get exported at your registered country address in a reasonable time. Documents sent from Japan to you will include Bill of Lading, Export Certificate, Inspection Certificate (if required) and Invoice.  

Ensure that you take physical possession of the used car along with its legal documents. Only then the valid ownership transfer of the Japan Used Car is complete. 

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