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Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive: Before spearheading towards a road trip, it is vital to check the car before going on a long drive. It is necessary to make sure that it is in good condition and is working ably. If we spend a little time beforehand, we can avoid most problems.

There are few things to check in the car before going on a long drive :

Inspect the Vehicle:

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

Although there are a number of things, we must check before we prepare a vehicle for a road trip. A general inspection is the best way to identify any issues. It is of utmost importance to check the condition of the windows. The State of the vehicle body and other things that stand out as unusual should also be noticed.

Replacement of windshield wipers:

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

Alike other parts of the car, the windshield wipers also wear out once when in continuous use. They too crack over time. We must check the windshield to ensure that they can displace water sufficiently.

Tires of the cares are properly affixed:

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

Inflated tires can wreak havoc to the tire’s sidewall. It can also hurt the gas mileage. Chances of a blowout are maximized if we don’t pay attention to the tires. So, tires must be properly inflated before headed towards a long drive. Also, learn about the quick replacement of car tire puncture.

Look over towards exterior lights and horn:

Car Check Before Going on a Long Drive

If we are driving at night, headlights and taillights are important for safety. It is necessary to ensure that signals are functioning properly. It is also important to check the license plate light as well. Before heading towards the road trip, it is pertinent to ensure each one is lighting up. Honk the horn to make sure it works too.

Avoid using blown-out lights as it can be dangerous because it is difficult for other drivers to understand the situation while driving like take a turn or put on the brakes. Also, a broken light can cost you, leave you with an expensive amount to pay. There are some easy ways to replace brake lights.

Tread on the tires:


The reason for blown out can be the balding tires. It reduces the grip of the tire when roads are wet. Thus, it is necessary to look for signs of damage and use the penny test to see the tread if any of the tire.

Checking of belts in the engine:

It is of utmost importance to ensure that there is no glaze or cracks. If there exists any such, it must be replaced. To check its tension, pinch the belt with your hands and start bobbing.

Check Air Filter is not blocked:

Most of the vehicles without having the capacity go thousands of miles without replacing the Air filters. However, the results can be havoc, if not heed over it. It is fine to check the condition before heading for the road trip. The Air filter is usually located in the airbox attached which is called an intake. The filter must be free from debris and instead should be clean. If it appears shabby, replace it in such a case.

Checking of sufficient Oil:


Oil must be examined by removing the dipstick, wipe it then again put it and remove it again. Then check the level of oil whether it reached on the stick which is required. If it founds to be on the low limit, either we should add some oil or change the Oil. First of all, we should understand the difference between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil.

Lastly, clean out the trash and check your car twice before going on a long drive and ensure that documents are proper and can easily be pulled over whenever asked and most importantly assembling of emergency Kit.

“After all prevention is better than cure”

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