Car Import into Tanzania

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A considerable deal of Japanese used car gets import into Tanzania because it is a great way to save money while buying a car. It also ensures that the purchase quality is maintained and the car is time tested with superior quality.


However, importing used cars from Japan is not without its costs. You must understand the excise duties and rule along with the regulations set up by the Tanzanian government concerning Japanese used cars Import onto the land.

Japan Used Cars

How to Import a Car in Tanzania

Imported cars from Japan go for shipping to the maritime port of Dar es Salaam. Depending on the company arranging your import, they are likely to introduce the car from Japan and export it to this port.

If you’re worried about the age of the car you are importing, there is no age limit on the age of the car so that you can be relieved! The important thing here is that the age of the car will affect the amount of tax that on your car.

The older your car, the more tax it will incur. Vehicles that are more than ten years old attract the most taxes, so when importing, it is best to make sure that the vehicle is less than ten years old.

Duties and Taxes

For buses, lorries, passenger vans, and pickup trucks, the import duty is 15%, VAT is 20%, and the excise duty is 0%. Taking all into consideration, it is 32% of the dutiable value for the vehicle.

For those vehicles that have an engine capacity of 0 to 1000cc, the Import duty spikes to about 25%, with a VAT if 20% and no excise duty. For those vehicles with an engine capacity of 1001cc to 2000vc, the Import duty remains at 25% while the VAT is somewhere at 18% with an additional excise duty of 5%.

Finally, for non-utility vehicles that have an engine capacity above 2000cc, the Import duty remains at about 25%, with a VAT of 20% and finally an excise duty of 10%.

Additional Import Fees

Along with these, there also remains an import declaration fee that they calculate as Free On Board or FOB Price 1.12 + $10. You then have to multiply this number by the number of vehicles for import.

Those vehicles that are older than eight years, already attract an excise duty of 20% based clearly on age. If it is still causing confusion, you can use the import tax calculator for a brighter picture.

Used Cars Inspection in Japan

All vehicles, whether new or old, when they get ready for export to Tanzania, undergo thorough inspection for their quality. This makes it possible for importers to be sure that the imported car is ready for use without any problem.

The JAAI makes sure that the vehicles are up to date and are worthy of use. They also make sure that the relevant certificates are present.

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