Car is Leaking a Red/Pink Fluid

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Any kind of fuel leaking from a car can create a lot of panic, especially for its owner. It is not a good sign at all. If you notice that your car is leaking red/pink fluid, we can easily identify what is wrong with the car. In case of leakage of red/pink fluid from the vehicle usually mean only three things:

  1. It can be either transmission fluid.
  2. Engine coolant.
  3. Power steering fluid.

Suspect 1: Engine coolant

Engine coolant is a kind of liquid designed in a way to keep the engine safe and secure. It flows into different parts of the engine and comes in different colors including red and pink. If the fluid leaking from the car looks like water and has a sweet smell, it is very well to say that its engine coolant. You can most likely find it under the radiator or the engine.

If you ever get to know that your car is leaking coolant, you must check the reservoir. The reservoir is basically a semi-transparent bottle under the hood with high and low case there is no enough coolant, you must check the radiator then. The radiator is located right next to the grill at the front of the car.

It is a warning not to open the radiator cap righter as the hot steam might blow off and burn you. When you remove the radiator, you are able to see the coolant liquid in the radiator. If you are unable to see, it is sure that there is a leak somewhere. This calls for inspection from an expert.

Suspect 2: Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid is a fluid that helps in turning the steering wheel easily. In case it leaks you get to notice that when cornering at lower speed and encounter more resistance than generally from the steering wheel.

If the power steering liquid is leaking, you may likely find that liquid close to the front bumper. The fluid is watery in nature and its smell is something you can relate with burnt oil a bit. The power steering system is covered and packed and must never leak. You must consult a specialist to look after the car.

Suspect 3: Transmission fluid

If there are none of the above two possibilities, it is most likely to be transmission fluid. When transmission fluid leaks it starts to slip and ignored and the car stops moving.

This fluid is generally very thick with oil like consistency and it is generally pink, red, or dark red. In order to confirm, you must check the transmission dipstick. Such dipstick should have high and low markings or at least two lines/holes.

If it is below a minimum level, fill it with transmission fluid. Transmission fluid has an oil-like consistency and is generally pink, red, or dark red in color.

In case any issue arises, we need to check the dipstick which has low and high marking. If it is below, it is advisable to fill it with fluid. This can also be a sign of consultation with a specialist to look after the car.

In case you come across any leakage from the car either red or pink. Try to figure out if it is coming from the transmission system, engine cooling system, or the power steering system. You must fix the bug as soon as possible and do not delay until it is too late.

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    Afton Jackson on

    Thank you so much for talking about red-colored fluid from car leaks and what it could possibly mean. We recently saw something like this in our garage after a long trip to our relatives’ house, and none of us knew what it meant. It’s a good thing we haven’t gone on any trips since then, so I’ll take this opportunity to look for an auto repair store that can help me get my transmission checked.

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