Car Makes Creaking Noise When Turning- Reasons

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Car Makes Creaking Noise When Turning: If there’s a problem in the steering and suspension systems of the car. Putting stress will just wear the parts more and cause more rubbing or groaning sounds.


These sounds can be signs of a serious problem so they shouldn’t be ignored. The two systems work together to let the steering wheels turn your tires, so ignoring them can cause trouble.

If your car makes a creaking noise when turning, this article will tell you why. And hopefully, it will help your car run as smoothly as it did before.

Where and Why it Happens

If your car is making noises when taking a turn, lubrication is a good fix. But, it is just temporary and will still fail eventually if you do not look for a permanent solution.

Let’s look at what the noises mean in different locations:

  1. Low Speed
  2. Normal Speed
  3. High Speed

Causes of Car Noises When Turning

Worn or Loose Tire Rods

Tire rods are a major part of the system since they unite the steering arm to the steering rack. They also connect tire direction with the turn of the steering wheel.

This lets drivers have control over their vehicles. So, the tie rods definitely need to be checked if you hear clunking noises.

Damaged or Broken Sway Bar Link

The sway bar link or anti-roll bar is responsible for reducing body roll when cornering or turning. It also keeps your car’s balance to prevent it from rolling over when making a sharp turn. If your car has been difficult to manage lately, you may want your sway bar link fixed.

Bad Ball Joints

Ball joints are the parts that connect the wheel hubs to the rest of the suspension parts. They need lubrication to prevent them from getting dry. They start making noises once they become dry. A shaky steering wheel is also the result of dry ball joints.

Dry Jounce Bushing

Jounce bushing controls the action in the joints, absorbs road bumps and reduces noise and vibration. It’s often placed on top of a front strut.

When it wears out, it allows more action so there’s a slight shimmy from the front of the car. Rattling or clunking noises can also be heard, as well as loose steering or poor handling.

Poor Power Steering Rack

A power steering rack serves as a pump to supply hydraulic fluid to the steering rack when you turn the wheel. This allows you to turn the steering rack with ease.

If it wears out, hydraulic acid starts to leak which results in difficult steering. There can also be soft, whining sounds that are recognizable especially when driving at low speeds.

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