Car’s Electric Window Fails- Solutions

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What to do when your car’s electric window fails. There are manual windows as well as electric windows. They have a similar mechanism as well. But just because they have a similar mechanism, it does not mean they are easy to maintain. If there is an involvement of wiring and electricity rather than gears, such windows are more prone to faults. Sometimes,  it becomes difficult to find out the reason behind the faults.


As soon as the electric window stops working, we can get into various nooks and corners to find out the reason. We can check the wiring, damage in the fuse, and even investigate the window gaskets.

Look for the manual and search for the cause

It is always better to consult the manufacturer’s manual and have a deep guide as to where the parts are located. One must be sure which wire connects to the window. Do not allow yourself to tamper with the things otherwise, it can cost you bucks.

Never try to experiment with the car if you don’t know the basics. Without the guidance of the manual, don’t get 100 % sure about what you are doing. In case you have a doubt and ignore it can let you pay severe damage. Always check the most obvious like buttons, wiring, motor, and regulator.

Changing the fuse

It is not rocket science to fix an electronic window. It is sometimes as easy as changing the bulb. If the fuse is blowing, replacement is the only solution. The fuse must be present underneath the dashboard but one must check the manual.

Repair or replace your window gaskets

If buttons are not functioning properly and the fuse is in a working condition and window still not moving. Take a look at the window gasket and check for tearing the objects. Sometimes, if a window seal is loose, it can keep the window stuck in the closed position.

We can use acetone and put small drops of it on a piece of cloth and gently rub it. Make sure that you do not pour much otherwise it will get on the glass. If nothing works, try to operate the window again and remove the gaskets.

It is a success, you just have to buy a new gasket and fit carefully in the original position.

Check the window, motor, wiring or regulator

If you have a decent understanding of wiring and mechanics and you are pretty sure of having steady hand you are good to go. This is the trickiest part and if you are not sure about it don’t even try to do it. It is even better that you just take the car to auto service for proper servicing. If you don’t take a look, you do not understand which is faulty, It can either motor or regulator. Finally, the first thing to do is to unscrew and remove the door panel that covers the wholesome mechanism.

Then follow the wire that connects to the window switch down to the motor. Check to see if the motor is getting enough power. If a window is not working properly change the wiring or consult a specialist.

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