Cars for everyday life

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Cars unlike many durables and other high ticket items represent the owner’s persona. The car invariable gets treated by the person’s projections. However, it is important for everyone, whether he owns a single or more than one; the cars for everyday life.


Long Commuting being the everyday reality, to choose the correct car stays much critical.

Listed here are probably the 5 most critical benefits and features essential for cars for everyday life.


Everyday driving exposes you to the greater test of patience and endurance. Hence safe car driving and with features as ABS power breaking become important.


The extra miles per liter of petrol traversed takes you that extra mile closer to your savings targets. And with a few extra miles saved every day saves you a tidy sum.

Moderation in Size

Though the small-sized cars are most easily maneuverer, driving however is much more than navigation in the by lanes. There would be stretches of broad roads, highways, and uneven terrains. Thus the size needs to be bigger than the small types with some respectable ground clearance.



The high-end Mercedes and Audi come with extended automation as automatic gears, sleep beepers, rear cameras, etc. These features, however, steep up the price and features as sleep beepers are part of the tree to a variety of the car category.

Nut things as an automatic lock, power windows, power steering, etc. remain important and essentially desired.

Family fitting

Car ownership through multiplying per family still modulates at generally one per family even in metros and A-class towns. And even if the ownership of cars in a family be more than one, both need to suit the family requirement.

Crossovers and hatchback are increasingly getting preferred for this. The daily use cars thus also need to fit the family sojourn needs.  The deal a double benefit deal. The commuter gets a more comfortable drive every day while the family gets accommodated as needed.

Suzuki might be the ideal workhorse of the daily commuter. But Hyundai should be his true palate given the continuous jammed roads at peak hours and long drives to make it to the workplace. Its greater leg space taking it leagues ahead. Also with the emerging culture of carpooling, it might get more people more comfortably.

Thus the crossovers and hatchbacks might get the preference flag. Even though for the budget heavy and the tight-fisted ones, even the Also to the ubiquitous Alto might fit the bill!

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