Cheap Way to Give Your Wheels a New Look

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Cheap Way to Give Your Wheels a New Look: Wheels that are provided by the manufacturer tend to get rusty and scratched over the years, and they are not that exciting, to begin with. Many car owners would like to replace their primary wheels with cool new aftermarket wheels, but this usually needs a hefty investment.


A much cheaper way to give your wheels a fresh look is with wheel trims. Wheel trims are broadly available in car accessory shops as well as online in a variety of styles, from simple designs with plain matt finishes to expensive-looking chrome finishes to eye-catching colorful styles.

Most of the wheel trims are of reinforced plastic, which means that they not only make your car more elegant but also shield the wheels from stone chips and other damage.

Wheel trims are easy to fit over your wheels because they can instantly clip on the wheel rim, provided of course that you choose the right size for your rims. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to give your wheels a unique look with wheel trims.

Clean the wheels

Use a stiff brush and a proper cleaning substance to remove any dirt from the wheels. For best results, you may want to allow a few hours or even longer for the cleaning substance to fight the dirt before scrubbing and rinsing it.

When you are done, dry off the wheels with a rag. It’s important that the wheels be dry before proceeding to the next step.

Paint the wheels

Before installing wheel trims, it’s a good idea to give the wheels a fresh coat of black paint, to conceal any rust and scratches that may otherwise be noticeable through the wheel trims. There’s no need to remove the rims before painting them.

Apply few masking tapes to the tyres and spray- or brush-paint the wheels. While you can use other colours as well, black is a great choice because it disappears rust and scratches well and gives a nice contrast to the wheel trims.

Fit the new wheel trims

If you’ve chosen right-sized, good-quality wheel trims for your vehicle, you should be able to clip them on to your wheels in no time. Now secure the clips and then bend them out to improve the fit.

Do not forget to place the tire valve cut-out correctly, so you can easily reach it when you need it. Push it and knock it with your hands are in place, but don’t use a hammer, or you may shatter the wheel trim.

Removing a Wheel Trim

When you have to eliminate a wheel trim, do not force it out in one try or you may crack it. Instead, level the trim out gently with a screwdriver that you place carefully between the wheel and the trim. Workaround the wheel, removing one clip at a time.

You have to be especially careful with the clips so that you won’t break or make them too loose. Fitting wheel trims to your wheels with ducting tape alone isn’t a good idea either, though you could use tape to improve the fit if the clips are not tight enough. This article provides information about a cheap way to give your wheels a new look.

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