Civilian vs Journey: Minibus Comparison

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Nissan Civilian vs Isuzu Journey is two similar styles of the minibus. Here is a little information about these two good looking minibusses. So that you’ll be able to compare in terms of design, models, engines, and history-wise.


So, let’s start with the lovable Nissan Civilian minibus which will steal your heart as expected.

Nissan Civilian:

The Nissan Civilian is a solitary decker minibus worked by the Japanese automaker Nissan since 1959. It’s primarily available as a public bus and an intercity bus. In Japan, Nissan civilian exclusive to Nissan Store locations and replaced the Nissan Echo.


In Japan and the Asia Pacific, its top rivals are Isuzu Journey, Toyota Coaster, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, and Mazda Parkway. The Nissan Civilian is marketed Dongfeng in China because of the Dongfeng Green Lotus yet still it uses the Nissan logos.


Nissan Civilian is right now sold under the Civilian and W41 or W41 names. It’s sold in Japan as a Civilian and several other countries in Central & South America. Furthermore, traditional commodiousness is 26 passengers. However, its primary rivals are the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Toyota Coaster, and Isuzu Journey. In certain nations, Civilian/W41 minibusses are discovered uniquely in little amounts. Contrasted with the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Toyota Coaster, and also the Isuzu Journey. It was replaced by the sooner Nissan Echo.

Japan Used Cars


  1. TB45E: 4.5L Gasoline
  2. TD42: 4.2L Diesel
  3. TD42T: 4.2L Diesel Turbo
  4. RD28T: 2.8L Diesel Turbo
  5. ED33: 3.3 Diesel
  6. ED33T 3.3 Diesel Turbo
  7. ED35: 3.5L D
  8. ZD30DDTi: 3.0l Diesel Turbo direct injection
  9. Mitsubishi Fuso 4M50: 4.9l Diesel Turbo

Equipment levels


Incorporates leaning back high-secondary lounges, programmed entryway, fabric cover, tinted windows, self-leveling suspension, and different choices.


Furthermore, it incorporates a programmed reclinable high-back driver’s seat. And, incomparable sound gear, television, back windshield wipers, can, and different comforts.


Includes an automatic interior door, reclinable, high-back seats, better audio equipment, rear windshield wipers, and other options.


Includes supreme audio equipment, rear windshield wipers, an automatic reclinable high-back driver’s seat, TV, toilet, and other amenities.


Further, it incorporates a programmed stature flexible driver’s seat, controller, BOSE sound hardware. Furthermore, Back Projection television, traveler air-sacks, latrine, fridge, reclinable front seats with a retractable table, self-leveling suspension.

Special Purpose Vehicles

  1. Firstly, Bloodmobile
  2. Secondly, Police Bus
  3. Thirdly, School Bus
  4. Then, Presidential transportation
  5. Further, Grand saloon bus
  6. Furthermore, Ambulance
  7. Motorhome
  8. Library Car
  9. Execution Van (Prisoner transporter)
  10. Finally, Wheelchair Van

Isuzu Journey


The Isuzu Journey is a minibus manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Isuzu since 1970. And in 1973 it is currently in a larger format. So, the range was fundamentally accessible as a city transport and a visitor mentor. Certainly, in Japan and the Asia Pacific, its top rivals are Toyota Coaster, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, and Nissan Civilian. Thus, the present the W41 series Journey situated as Civilian.


The principal utilization of the “Journey” nameplate was on the 1970 “Journey S”. Certainly, this was an Isuzu Elf 150 truck with a 15-seater bus rear and encompasses a KA5#B chassis code. On the other hand, the Elf had been accessible as a minimal transport since 1964 yet was initially still called an Elf. This was supplanted in 1981 by the more space-proficient and lighter Isuzu Fargo arrangement. 

However, in 1973 the 26-seater Journey M (on Elf 250-premise) and the more drawn out 29-seat Journey L (Elf 350). These have diesel engines of two.8 and 3.6 liters respectively. These motors later moved up to all the more remarkable, cleaner units. So, a far bigger (53 seats) back engine transport called Journey K showed up in 1972. And supplanted by the Isuzu Erga Mio in 1999. There likewise a light-obligation Journey E. So, that keeps made on Elf premise yet with bodywork provided with an outside firm. 

Thus, the Journey L and M supplanted by a rebadged Nissan Civilian in 1993. So, the Nissan Civilian is rebadged of Isuzu Journey W40 and W41.

Model Listing

  1. BE/BL/BM Series (1973-1993)
  2. K Series (1972-1999)
  3. W40 Series (1993-1999)
  4. W41 Series (1999–present)

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