Common Diesel Truck Problems & solutions

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Common Diesel Truck Problems & Solutions: Trucks are one of the common ways of transporting goods and other items. Enriched with great power and capacity, they require proper maintenance after some intervals. Being a commercial vehicle, sometimes the driver has to face various problems especially in the diesel version.


It is important to determine those things, as trucks have to face hundreds of miles to achieve their destination. Any false happening in-between can put you in an awkward situation. That’s why we will take your eye through some major points that are found in diesel engine trucks and ideas to troubleshoot them.

Starting Problems

If you’re finding issues to start your diesel engine, there can be problems like glow plug issues, fuel delivery issues, battery issues, low compression, blocked fuel supply, low cranking speed, low fuel pressure, etc. and the cold weather might be affecting the system.

In such cases, you can inspect according to the condition. Try to replace fuel filters as they can be blocked. There might be a loose connection, so check the batteries. Along with that, verify connections to the starter and take a look at the starter motor. If there is a dirty fuel in diesel engine truck, problems can arise. That’s why check fuel for contamination and change fuel filters whenever necessary.

Noise in the Engine

There are various causes due to which noise can happen. Such things are compression issues, faulty fuel injectors, timing issues, failed bearings, and cold operating conditions. Diesel engines prove to be a bit louder than other vehicles, but you need to notice if something goes wrong.

Try to visit the mechanic for repair as inconsistent noise can be a sign of a problem with the fuel injectors. The compression balance can also be affected and the performance will be reduced.

Air Leaks

When there is a presence of air leaks, it will permit air in the fuel system through a primary filter, fuel lines, fuel system, and connections. The identification of many leaks is found between the engine lift pump and filter inlet.

You can inspect the presence of air leaks with the help of a vacuum gage to identify the condition.

Overheating Under Load

The engine might overheat in some conditions. At that time, you can check the airflow. Also, make sure it isn’t blocked due to bugs especially in the cold weather. A person can have a look at some other things like all the axles are rolling freely.

Check for oil and coolant levels when the engine is found to be cool. In this context, a person is required to check the outside temperature as well. If the air temperature proves to be extremely hot, the driver needs to gear down.

Black, Blue, or White Smoke

As compared to traditional vehicles, these big machines relieve more smoke. Due to this activity, a highly unpleasant odor is generated. It can create pollution and problems for a person to breathe.

Black smoke can be due to a bad EGR valve, faulty injectors, bad air filter, or carbon build-up, etc. Regarding blue smoke, a person can find piston damage or wear, problems with turbocharger or oil filter, etc. White smoke can be due to worn out injector, low compression, or incorrect timing.

If you’re finding such issues, it will ask for a mechanic repair. That’s why you will need to visit the service center to inspect the problem which is producing such kind of smoke.

Some Maintenance Tips

With the help of some tips, people can manage to keep their diesel truck fine. For that, there will be a requirement of observing some parts. Firstly, try to change oil and fuel filters on a regular basis.

It is because a loss of lubrication to engine constituents can create breakdowns. Secondly, keep electrical connections up-to-date. Electrical flow is necessary for any vehicle. That’s why keep the ground cables and battery clean.

Make sure to deliver top-quality fuel to your vehicle. So, examine the working of all the belts as fan belts are crucial to delivering the finest engine performance. Also, try to keep the radiator away from bugs since it can overheat the engine. Sometimes, you can check the engine for oil and coolant leaks.

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