Compact vs Economy Cars

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In this article, we are going to have a lot of discussion regarding the difference between economy cars vs compact cars. It is more or less a common question on this article from people who have an idea of renting a car.


The major and important difference between an economy car and a compact car is the size. Though both the cars are relatively similar when it comes to renting price. However, it is also that economy cars are smaller than compact cars.

The economy cars have fewer seats and luggage space is also very limited. On the other side, compact cars are often a regular-sized car or a van which has extensive room space for many people.

This is just a short brief and now let us dig inside a lot and know much more regarding luggage, space, and the price that you must expect.


Economy car


It has the following features to note:

  1. Fits up to two adults and two children, you can fit 4 adults as well, but space will be limited.
  2. Space for one medium suitcase and multiple smaller bags.
  3. Fuel usage difference from each model, but 30-35 mpg (miles per gallon) is typical.

Between the economy and compact cars, economy cars are the smallest. It is moreover equipped with 2, 3 or 4 doors however two is the most common.

These are having four seats which can make four people sit in the car easily. But generally, the back seat of the car has a small amount of leg space making it hard for four adults to sit comfortably.


Considering the space, you can carry a medium suitcase with small carryon bags. If you have small bags then you are good to go by renting an economy car.

As the economy cars are the smallest so probably they require less fuel in comparison to compact cars. A usage of 30-35 mpg is common for such cars. The price varies depending upon the city in which you live and what company you prefer.

Compact Car


It has the following features to note:

  1. 4 or more doors
  2. 5 or more seats
  3. fits 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, and a few smaller bags
  4. Gas usage: Different from each car, but average is 30-35 mpg

The compact car is bigger, and loading capacity in Compact Cars. it usually has 5 seats which make it easier for the family to go together in one go. The price varies depending on the company and accordingly, the category may also differ. However, the dealership makes it easier for you to access the compact car.

Compact cars typically have 4 or more doors. If anybody asks you to picture a family car, it would probably be a compact car a person could think of.


While traveling and bringing a lot of luggage then compact areas are preferable in order to get sufficient space. This possible depends upon the number of people and the space you want in your car.

You can easily fit one large suitcase and other smaller bags in a compact car which means about 12-14 feet of luggage space. You must expect to use about 30-35 mpg with a compact car. However, it depends upon the type of model you are using and thus should ask your rental company for further details.

Compact car vs Economy car – Which one is the best

Which car suits you and is best totally depends upon you. You have decided on your own which car is best suitable for taking into consideration all the relevant factors.

The most important thing to note is the number of persons traveling along. If you are more than 2 adults, you should go with a compact car as adults require more luggage and leg space. The back seat space in the economy car is generally limited.

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