Corolla Fielder vs Airwave

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This is a fact that Toyota Corolla Fielder vs Honda Airwave is not the same. They are however close competitors in many places. Each car has its own strength. The Toyota corolla fielder is a wagon. On the corollary, Honda Airwave looks quite rugged in design and is a reliable vehicle. Let us dig inside and find the most suitable option.


Toyota Corolla Fielder History


The Toyota corolla fielder was introduced in the year 2000. It was riding on the corolla platform as other cars of the Toyota Corolla family. With the passage of time, it undergoes huge evolution such as rudimentary, functional cars with no embellishments. It flourishes as the epitome of affordable style and on the road wagon functionality. It has several uses from a town car to a long-distance driving car. The reason is its durability.

Honda Airwave History


The production of Honda Airwave started between 2005 and 2010. It is basically a 5 door station wagon version of the Honda City. It is also known as the Honda Aria or the Honda Jazz or Honda fit. Manufacturing for the Honda Airwave within the Japanese market was discontinued. This is further replaced by its successors, the honda fit shuttle.

Used Pricing Comparison

The price for a used Toyota Corolla Fielder is affordable at the Japanese Car Trade. It completely depends on the model year. The recent models manifest higher price tags.

If the Honda Airwave is used and discontinued model which makes it less expensive. It is less expensive than the corolla fielder of which production is still in progress. It has a number of recent models available in the market.

Engine & Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Toyota Corolla Fielder

The corolla fielder is available with 1.5l/1497cc. It has an average consumption of around 15Km per liter for the 1500cc edition. But you can also buy the 1800 cc Corolla fielder which has more power. It even has a higher consumption. But it’s not like you cannot manage.

Honda Airwave

It comes with a 4 cylinder, SOHC VTEC, 1.5 liters 1496 cc naturally aerated engine. On average, the fuel consumption of Airwaves is about 15 Km per liter. This is quite similar to the Corolla Fielder.

It has a tank capacity of 42 liters. The Airwave has a fuel consumption of around 5.6 liters for 100 km and 17.8 km per liter. It also comes with automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. Thus, the fuel system is multiple injections on the other side. Its top speed is close to 167 km per hour.

Quice Comparison Table

Features Toyota Corolla Fielder Honda Airwave
Passengers Maximum of 5 Maximum of 5
Fuel Consumption15km/L 17.8km/L
Engine 4-cylinder 4-cylinder
Fuel Tank Capacity 50L 42L
Type of Fuel PetrolPetrol
Year of ManufactureIntroduced in the year 2000 Started between 2005 and 2010

Looks vs. Functionality

Furthermore, having said that they have the same features and specs beneath the hood. If you are going towards a wagon with stellar looks then you must go for the Toyota Corolla fielder.

Fuel Efficiency

For the purpose of fuel consumption, the Honda airwave overcomes the Toyota corolla fielder. It delivers an amazing 18 km per liter at the same time the corolla fielder gives 16 km per liter. Airwave moreover offers a bigger cargo capacity.

Both the cars are popular and you are able to get the spare parts of the same. So, if you are looking for a wagon and looking for a regular car. And for the family purpose, both are an ideal option.

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