Coupe vs Sedan: 4 Major Differences

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Coupe vs Sedan, the ultimate fight for the best car model design between these two has been there ever since they both came into existence. Even today, if you go to a car dealership with the motive of buying a new car, the salesman showing you around will hurl the terms “coupe” and “sedan” at you multiple times like a trebuchet pelted big rocks at massive forts in the medieval times.

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If you don’t know the difference between the two, you will be left with no option other than just ducking for cover. Do you want to see the difference between the two car designs and brave the verbal attacks from the dictionary of cars the next time you go to a car dealership? Then read on to know the exact differences between a coupe and a sedan.

You’ve Got to Count the Doors

If you have the basic knowledge of counting, then you can identify between a coupe and sedan because the best way to tell between a coupe and a sedan is by counting the number of doors that a car has.

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It is the biggest and the clearest giveaway in deciding which category of vehicles a vehicle falls into. To be very precise, a coupe has only two doors. On the other hand, a sedan is more generous in terms of numbers of doors, which count up to four.

Coupe vs Sedan: The Body Design

The design of the car’s body is another distinction that indicates if that car is a coupe or a sedan. Coupes have shorter bodies than sedans along with longer doors.

This gives them a sporty look and makes them lean and less heavy. Sedans, on the other hand, are larger, heavier, and have shorter doors that give it a more muscular and balanced look.

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Performance Make A Car

As a result of a coupe’s relatively smaller body size and lesser body weight, it becomes capable of delivering more muscular and sportier performance.

While, on the other hand, due to their bulky shape and heavier body designs, the performance of sedans tends to run lower than that of a coupe. Sedans do compensate for this with engine and suspension modifications, although that only adds up to the cost and bulk.

Count Your Load

The interior size and cargo space also differ between a coupe and a sedan. If you are a family guy and want more interior spacing for seating more passengers, then you should go for a sedan. They offer spacious interior design with seating capacities of five or even more passengers along with fairly large cargo space. This makes it fit for a family outing.

Coupes are more of a single man’s car with lesser interior space and seating capacity because of their smaller body size. They can seat up to a maximum of four people, and some versions of coupes may offer only two seats. They also have much smaller cargo space.

These were some of the major points that differentiate a coupe from a sedan. Follow these guidelines the next time you go car shopping, and you will never be confused anymore between a sedan and a coupe.

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