Crossover vs SUV

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SUVs (sports utility vehicles) happened to be one in every of the very best sold vehicle segments but what’s a crossover car? Well, they’re those that are currently taking the place of the SUVs. Ten years ago, an SUV was the primary choice for a family car but the selection has now shifted to crossovers. Both are large, spacious vehicles and appearance almost similar but there are certain differences between crossover vs SUV.


Crossover vs SUV: the foremost Variations

The most definite difference between SUV & crossover lies on their floor. The body of an SUV is structured on a truck chassis while it’s a car chassis for the crossovers. Thanks to having a more robust platform and compatible suspension and drivetrain, SUVs can cruise smoothly on off-road tracks, which a crossover cannot. Get true off-road experience with a true SUV car.

Let’s began the diversity between crossover & SUV

The Structural Design

The crossovers feature a unibody design where the body and frame (the foundation of the vehicle) are one single piece. What does crossover mean? Well, these vehicles blend the features of SUVs with passenger cars. They get the name as they blend the kinds of different models.

SUV Cars


The SUVs use two separate pieces for this purpose, having a ‘body on frame’ architecture.


The unibody structure is lighter, providing quicker, smoother rides with much better fuel efficiency. On the opposite hand, the heavier body-on-frame helps the vehicle to be more stable and sturdy.



The unique design of the crossover cars makes them much lighter than SUVs. Also, they’re built to form driving the car more convenient and improve the ride quality. The durable SUVs are made for tough tracks and challenging hoist commitment.



Some people argue that SUVs are safer in an accident due to their heavy, sturdy nature. it’s true within the case of low-speed collisions. They don’t turn the incorrect way up as easily as crossovers and so the post-accident repairs also are easy on most occasions.

Crossover Cars


But, a crossover could be a safer and better choice when there is a serious accident. The body and chassis of those vehicles have more crumple zones.


So, the body takes most of the collision force, keeping the driving force and passengers rather safe. chances are high that a high-speed collision will destroy the vehicle but the occupants will suffer less severe injuries than they’d have in an SUV.


Crossover vs SUV: Are the Terms Interchangeable?

In a few cases, yes. People often use the term SUV to say both crossovers and SUVs. The tendency was more common before the SUVs started drawing criticisms for his or her poor mileage. After that, automakers started using the term ‘crossover’, indicating the contrast between SUV vs crossover.

It will be inequity to call a body-on-frame SUV, a crossover. Calling them crossovers is an inaccuracy.

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