DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor

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DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor

DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor: From a direct determination intended for armada buys, the DAF CF trucks unit has manufactured a notoriety for being a persevering, adaptable truck reasonable for all parts of street haulage while Axor, with the solid undercarriage, high sturdiness, and high payload, the Axor speaks to the signs of tractors and inflexible trucks utilized for mid-separation haulage and hard-core, neighborhood conveyance.


So, let’s begin the comparison: DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor



One thing that jumps out at you after you first move into the DAF CF-85 is the wealth of pantry space, this truck offers. There’s provision for an optional refrigerator under the bunk if required as well as lots of room for the trusty Engel if you favor it on the engine tunnel.

DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor

The dash is well appointed and comes standard with a sublime woodgrain dash facia. The controls and switches are within easy reach and straightforward, as a result, it is easy to search out. It’s probably worth mentioning the new handwheel, which is thicker than the previous model’s, and also the four-spoke design affords a transparent vision of the complete dash. It also has in an exceedingly one amongst one in every of the foremost generous adjustments in a vehicle of this class with 8.5 cm of reach and between 30 to 45 degrees in angle.

DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor

There’s absolute confidence the CF-85 excels within the area of comfort. Entry and exit from the cabin are about pretty much as good as you’ll find anywhere. Meantime, vision is as you’d expect from a cab-over during this category – first-class.

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Mercedes Axor

The overall design of the Axor keeps the standard lines of the Mercedes trucks. The oblong light clusters located low into the bumper and covered by protective guards which underline the rough character of the truck. The Axor wears the identical squared-off sheet similar to its competitors; though Mercedes tried to feature a chunk of the category by giving it a “V” shaped grille and aerodynamic side deflectors that make the truck a touch more dynamic. The development model also comes with an enormous ground clearance which shows the off-road nature of the vehicle.

DAF CF 85 vs Mercedes Axor

Despite the status clearance, access inside created pretty easily using those three steps located ergonomically. Into the cabin, the general built quality is typical Mercedes with good fittings as well as solid materials that were chosen for their durability.


All the controls are logically and arranged within easy reach of the driving force. There’s also a switch array within the driver’s door which controls mirrors, heating, the optional power windows, central locking, and also the convenience closing system.

The air suspended seats are fairly comfortable too, and that they also can be adjusted so you’ll easily find a decent driving position. There are lots of storage places available and there’s also much space behind the seats.



At the start of 1998 the CF, abbreviation for ‘Compact Forte’, was the acronym added to the 65, and 85 Lorries that had been in production since 1992 to herald a replacement generation of truck.

For tractor units it totally was the 85CF (later changed to CF85) with administrators given a decision of 1 motor, the Euro-2 12.6-liter straight-six, with three force yields; 340, 380, and 430hp. the identical engine and horsepower retained for Euro-3, before later adding the 480hp.

For the Ad-Blue era through Euro-4 and into Euro-5 DAF upped the displacement to 12.9-liters (still only one engine) and visited selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to form the new emission standards. For the CF85 power, choices patched up to 360, 410, 460, and 510hp, reflecting the XF105.

In 2013 for the Euro-6 launch the choices for CF (85 was dropped) drivelines broaden to match what was available for the XF with a choice of the ten.8-liter MX-11 engine offering 330, 370, 400 and 440hp; or MX-13 12.8-liter with 460 or 510hp.

DAF added exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for Euro-6 to figure when the exhaust after-treatment system (EAS) is cold. After four years DAF patched up its motors with a climb in force and torque. The MX-11 is now available with five power outputs from 300 to 410hp, whereas the MX-13 is obtainable with three; 430, 480, and 530hp.

Mercedes Axor

The Mercedes Axor supplied with a 12-liter engine with a variety of three outputs including 354 hp, 401 hp, and 428 hp with maximum torques of 1850, 2000, and 2100 Nm. All engines are smooth and perform magnificently well, having the ability to tow massive loads effortlessly.

The motors mated to either 9 or 16-speed manual gearboxes but at the same time, there’s accessible a discretionary 12 speed PowerShift transmission. Contrasted and the 16-speed Telligent gearshift, Mercedes Power-Shift makes for a 50 kg increment in payload and contrasted and the 9-speed manual move it grants 40 kg more payload. the main attributes of this new transmission option include more customer benefits by an additionally improved economy and faster, easier gearshifts.

If you permit the transmission fully auto mode, the unit will reward you with well choose gear changes. The manual interventions also are minimal and you’ll use the proper stalk from time to time as long as you wish to stay the fuel consumption to an awfully low level.

The Mercedes Axor speed will be stalled employing a two-stage engine brake which engaged employing a right stalk mounted on the steering column. This retarder is pretty capable and that we don’t have any complaints about it, because it will be used confidently in many situations. There also are available conventional all-round discs brakes with ABS, which may stop the truck in a very matter of seconds.



DAF has only utilized ZF’s transmission for tractor unit run, albeit some mid ones indicated with the Eaton S-Series.

With the eight and 16-speed ZF synchro manuals as standard, the discretionary extra (with additional cost) 12-speed AS-Tronic robotized transmission.

In 2014 DAF Trucks changed to ZF’s most up to date gearbox, TraXon, in spite of the fact that it stayed an alternative, in spite of that more cars than manuals requested by administrators.

That changed in April 2017, the 12-speed auto became standard with Eco-Roll and software settings for the long run, liquid transport, Eco Combi, and off-road applications, and therefore the forward-looking predictive control. The sole manual now on offer could be a 16-speed.

Mercedes Axor

The frame adapted from the Mercedes-Benz Actros designed for prime carrying capacity. All steel-suspension variations of the truck furnished with illustrative springs. The quality shock absorbers and stabilizers also specifically configured for these parabolic springs. the marginally forward inclination of the two-stage rear spring – with a lower back-up spring – produces neutral to slightly understeering axle characteristics, and so improves handling safety.

In addition, the springs don’t require neither focal nor manual oil as they’ve mounted on upkeep free sub-atomic elastic heading. The Axor also features coordinated stabilizer and spring configurations which reduce the hundreds performing on the springs and cargo.

The truck, however, tends to nod occasionally, especially on the off-road. Luckily the shock absorbers and therefore the anti-sway bar can absorb the shocks with ease, while also maintaining proper handling.

On the Road


Admittedly, it would’ve been good to own more weight within the Freighter trailer. Be that as it may, even with net load at simply 32.5 tons, there was a bounty to remain the truck legit and, similarly, sufficiently very to test the habits of a model on which such a big amount of hinges for the DAF brand.

First off, this specific unit was on its launch with little very 100km on the clock on the grounds that the truck took off of Paccar HQ in Bayswater, followed not long after by a lofty and forcefully wrapping course up and over the lower regions of Victoria’s high nation. All up, the DAF would indent every 600 km of inconceivably shifting landscape, from nation byways to quick roads and stretches inside the ‘burbs to and from Bayswater.

However separated from an ongoing short-go around Brisbane’s Mt Cotton test track inside the uprated CF85, it’d been seven or eight years, possibly more, since I’d last determined a DAF. Still, it absolutely quickly apparent that evolution has had a hugely positive influence, and any previous concerns or perhaps presumptions quickly quashed because the DAF CF85 strolled around the Mt Cotton circuit with consummate ease and luxury.

The 510hp rating comprehended in Paccar speech on the grounds that the MX375 and, similar to all MX motors utilized in Australia, remembering for Kenworth’s T409 model, Euro 5 consistence accomplished with an SCR emissions system.

On the performance front, the height power of 375kW (510hp) is on tap from 1500 to 1900rpm and a top torque of 2500Nm (1850lb-ft) from 1000 to 1410rpm. What these figures characterize is a motor conveying an astonishingly solid as well as the smooth stock of exertion over a decent fire up extend.

Mercedes Axor

Over late years I have invested a lot of your energy in the driver’s seat of the Axor and it never neglects to intrigue. The Power Shift 12-speed auto-transmission works well and best left alone to urge on with it. The Axor X has three distinctive motor force choices such as the 360, 400 or 430 bhp. Our test vehicle was the 430 which rather confusingly has only 422 bhp with 2100 Nm of torque from 1100 rpm.

At just 40 tonnes, the 422 bhp, 6 cylinder MB OM457LA engine is on top of the task and that I headed for the A5 with its big choice of dual carriageways over rolling hills. However, the Axor X maintained a really good road speed and didn’t falter even on a number of the longer hill sections.

On the M1 traveling north, a Police episode hampered progress and this can be the place the Power Shift enclose goes to its own, sneaking along in stop/start traffic. No riding grasps and no left leg like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The fact that the majority of the route was on a highway was deliberate because it allowed me to assess the Axor X in what’s likely to be its true working environment.

For a bit extra punch, the Power Shift includes very handy ruins a facility. As a result, that may drop a cog after you need it. Even when the Axor X is under load and therefore the OM457LA six potters is thumping away sort of a good ‘un. You get little noise and so no real indication of how hard it’s working even on a number of the longer climbs.


There are lots of other aspects of the CF85 worth a mention. Such as excellent forward vision and good mirrors, and grade of normal and optional features. While the Axor 3240 could be a fine mannered truck. The setup works fine; it’s comfortable and drives well. The spec is nice too, with the Wilcolite body, as well as the sheeting system. With 20 Liters of fuel locally available, it had a control weight of 11,700 kgs which can’t be sniffed at.

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