Daihatsu Launches New Compact SUV Rocky

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Daihatsu Motors announced the launches of the new compact SUV Rocky as part two of the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), which it will use to create a new generation of vehicles. New technologies based on DNGA adopt collective planning and development and update all elements of Daihatsu’s platform in order to ensure that the new technologies would be compatible with CASE while at the same time rapidly expanding its product line-up.


The completely redesigned Tanto mini passenger vehicle launched in July 2019 was the first to incorporate these technologies. The Rocky is the first compact car using DNGA. It is also the first model to be added to Toyota Motor Corporation’s line-up as a DNGA product.

Using packaging technologies based on DNGA, the Rocky, an SUV is a compact car classified as a small passenger vehicle with good maneuverability that not only has a spacious cabin and ample luggage space but also realizes a powerful design adopting large 17-inch tires.

Although the SUV market has been expanding in recent years, there is a lot of feedback from customers that they want an SUV for leisure but are not good at handling large vehicles. Therefore, Daihatsu focused on developing a new product with high quality at affordable prices for active users that is easy to drive while sporting an SUV-like design.

For the active safety system, two functions: blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert have been added to Next-Generation Smart Assist to improve safety when checking behind the vehicle.

It is also the first to be installed with Daihatsu Connect, a connected function utilizing smartphones. Furthermore, a high level of basic performance achieved through the new DNGA platform, including a neutral ride, high driving stability, and smooth acceleration.

Main features of Rocky

  1. Design that balances a compact size capable of tight turns and a spacious cabin.
  2. Powerful active design using large tires.
  3. Advanced safety functionality is able to bring peace of mind to everyone.
  4. Outstanding basic performance using the new DNGA platform.
  5. Affordable price-setting appropriate for compact cars

Vehicle Concept

Active, Useful, and Compact: With style-oriented people enjoying young and active lifestyles as the main target. Development carried out to create a product which can apply to a wide range of scenarios. Daihatsu launches new compact SUV Rocky with greate features.

Daihatsu aims to offer customers with unprecedented value with an SUV, the first DNGA compact car. That can achieve by DNGA which was first applied in mini vehicles which are a small passenger vehicle that not only has an overall length of 4,000 mm or less but also has a spacious cabin.

Powerful active design using large tires


Exterior design with dynamism: A thick lower body that offers peace of mind, as well as the protruding fenders. Large tires supporting the slim and nimble cabin, emphasizes the vehicle’s SUV look.

By adopting simple and distinct design elements, a sense of clarity. A powerful presence is express even with its compact body size.

LED sequential turn lights: Sequential turn lights that are easily seen by those around. And convey safety, as well as a sense of leading-edge, are going to use.


Interior design with a sense of excitement: The high front console accented in silver. The sporty gear lever located in a high position. A cockpit-type instrument panel expresses an exciting space unique to SUVs.

So, the G and X grades use an interior with red accents to express a sense of activeness.

Daihatsu Launches New Compact SUV Rocky

The topmost Premium grade features a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Such as shift knob, soft leather seats as well as black and silver accents to convey a sense of high quality.

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