Daihatsu Production, Sales Results for August 2020

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Daihatsu Production, Sales and Export Results for August 2020


August 2020 Results

1. August 20202. August 2020Year-on year
Year-on year
Mini vehicles42,76787.1%348,49776.3%
Registered cars23,286129.6%219,225129.1%
Total production in Japan66,05398.5%567,72290.6%
Total production overseas39,35158.3%274,81054.5%
Worldwide production105,40478.3%842,53274.5%
Mini vehicles38,41980.6%332,49278.4%
Registered cars3,749176.9%38,816148.4%
Total sales in Japan42,16884.7%371,30882.5%
Total sales overseas29,05085.6%186,46067.3%
Worldwide sales71,21885.0%557,76876.7%
Total exports00.0%00.0%
☆:Record high for the month
 ★:Record high for the period
Japan Used Cars

(Reference)Units except for Perodua

Total production overseas15,14331.3%152,77944.8%
Worldwide production81,19670.3%720,50174.5%
Total sales overseas6,44646.5%66,48357.6%
Worldwide sales48,61476.4%437,79177.4%

Daihatsu Production and Sales Results: Highlights of August 2020

  1. Production in Japan: Decreased for consecutive 5 months
  2. Production in overseas: Decreased for consecutive 6 months
  3. Worldwide production: Decreased for consecutive 6 months
  4. Sales in Japan: Decreased for the first time in 2 months
  5. Sales overseas: Decreased for the first time in 2 months
  6. Worldwide Sales: Decreased for consecutive 11 months

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