Denyo Machinery: All Japan Used Generators

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All Japan Used Generators: Denyo Machinery


Denyo Machinery could be a manufacturing company that produces outdoor engine generators as well as welders. Pioneer of an outside power source. Engine generator· Top maker within the engine welding machine. The Denyo Company has local production in Asia. Denyo Company Ltd. is Japan’s leading producer as well as dealer of engine-driven generators, welders and air compressors. The Denyo Company established in 1948. Its headquarter situated in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


Denyo has its own effective appearance in different places where communal frameworks assembled. For instance, first-class Generators with uncommon imperativeness insurance features and Welding Machines that brag pushed welding execution and pervasive transportability used in conditions where no power source is out there and are highly regarded by customers around the world as power sources for savings and loan.

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History of Denyo Machinery


1948:- Firstly, Settled Power Welding Machine Corporation Limited.

1959:- Developed as well as made high-speed engine-driven welders.

In 1961:- Completed construction on Saitama plant and commenced to manufacture engine-driven generators.

In 1966:- Firstly, Developed sound-proof generators. Secondly, it began the production of sound-proof engine-driven generators and welders. It also changed its corporate name to Denyo Co., Ltd. in the same year.

In 1973:- Began to manufacture engine-driven air compressors.

In 2015:- Began to fabricate motor-driven generators, with the fruition of the second industrial facility in Denyo.

Denyo Generators


Denyo Generators are vital as force sources at building destinations. Widely used for live TV broadcasts, various forms of events, leisure activities, as well as other purposes, our generators produce the optimal power to satisfy user needs. Offering superior force age and toughness furthermore as vitality preservation and commotion decrease, these items have won underwriting due to the principal selection of executives in Japan and around the world.

Denyo Air Compressors


Air compressors essential as power sources at engineering science and construction sites. moreover, to building destinations, they’re utilized as force hotspots for fake snow gear at ski slopes and air devices. We aim to line a replacement standard for air compressors through technology that permits free control of compressed gas.

Denyo Welding Machines


As a pioneer in welding machines, we have reliably come out on top in streamlining the welding procedure itself furthermore to accomplishing efficiency, commotion decrease, like a multi-work limit. The superior and dependability of our welders exhibited at worksites in Japan as well as around the globe.

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