Diesel Engine Blow By- Things You should Know

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Many diesel vehicle owners have to face a problem regarding diesel engine blow-by. It refers to a condition when leakage appears of combustion gases or air-fuel mixture. It may take place between a cylinder wall and piston into the crankcase. In many cases, the blow-by appears in the crankcase by departing past the piston rings. It happens when the pressure differential in cylinder bore proves to be greatest as compared to the pressure in the oil plan. As a result, people can explore blow-by highest during the engine’s power and compression stroke.


Causes Behind Blow-By

There are numerous reasons by which blow-by can take place. But when its appearance is visible in a diesel engine, there are issues like lesser torque and power, low performance, and more oil consumption. We will tell you about the different parts that worn-out during blow-by.


It contains chief importance in moving the crankshaft. When they initiate to wear out, the size gets lesser and the cylinder wall becomes larger. Since they are mostly made of aluminum which proves to be a soft metal, there comes the development of grooves in the piston at the time of wearing out. It is because deposit accumulation takes place on the cylinder walls.

Cylinder Walls

When a vehicle comes in use, various components begin to drain. One of the examples can be taken as cylinder walls. Constant piston and scraping of the piston ring can move towards damaged cylinder walls. With this activity, a gap is created in the cylinder and piston. Thus, the slop gets bigger and permits the compressed gases to pass around the piston. In such cases, the cylinder walls will be unable to work in such a way they actually can.

Piston Rings

This is yet another common cause behind an engine blow-by. When they incessantly get pushed back and forward in the cylinder wall, they will become damaged over time. In the end, there will be a leakage of gases that causes blow-by. A person can make an effort in taking out the piston and replace them to achieve the solution of smashed rings.

How Blow-By Affect Diesel Engines?

A reduction in the performance of an engine will take place due to a loss of compression. When different things take part in affecting the quality of an engine, it will deliver a much louder noise. It may also cost an increased consumption of fuel.  You can understand the effect of blow-by as a decrease in the efficiency of the engine overall. As a result, there might be a need to execute costly and time-intensive repairs.

How to Reduce the Chances of Diesel Engine Blow-By?

You can adopt some measures to diminish the possibilities of engine blow-by. Firstly, there is a need to deliver adequate oil to the engine. A person can thicken the engine oil for filling the gaps and lessen blow-by using appropriate oil products. But remember; don’t perform the oil treatment when the engine is hot. Give it some time to come to a cool state.

Firstly you will have to open the car’s hood. Make sure to take help from the owner’s manual if there is confusion in mind. Then remove the engine’s filler cap and turn the engine oil filter in a counterclockwise direction to eliminate. After that, have a smaller end of the funnel and put it into the oil filler tube. When such activities take place, you will have to transfer the given amount of oil treatment product in the funnel. Try to make sure that the funnel is clean and free of any waste particles. When the process is done, remove the funnel and place the oil filler cap to its initial position. Close the hood and get inside the car to start the engine.

Why Blow-By is Dangerous for Diesel Engine?

The appearance of blow-by can be seen in many diesel engines. If there is a problem and don’t fix it on time, the engine parts can be negatively affected. Most of the parts inside the engine are from metal that enlarges under heat. To supply this growth, companies make the piston somewhat smaller than the steel cylinder. If they both are made of the same size, there can be a limitation inside.

Steps That Can Be Taken

A person can make efforts in bringing proper maintenance of the engine to restrict from conditions like blow-by. By allowing high-quality oils and fuels to the engine, the engine will run longer. Apart from that, it will make sure that combustion takes place correctly. Try to keep an eye on the engine’s health to avoid unwanted problems.

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