Dismantling Vehicles For Parts

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If you are already importing salvage vehicles for dismantling for auto parts, why not have them dismantled in Japan and ship up to five times more stock in the same container?


Or if you are currently shipping half cuts, only to further dismantle them once they reach, why not have the stock fully dismantled in Japan and ship twice the amount of stock in the same container?

Our fully dismantling option means that you only need to ship the stock that you are going to sell. This means:

The stock takes up less space in the container: For the higher load factor and lower landed cost per part. Instead of your profit being eaten up in fixed costs it goes straight in your wallet.

Dismantling Vehicles For Parts
Dismantling Vehicles For Parts

Easy unloading: Engines arrive ready for on-the-spot unloading with nylon slings already attached to each engine, ready to lift straight out of your container.

No more frustration and grazed knuckles searching for engine lifting hooks or wasting time and money attaching and unattached chains.

The sling can be used for each handling movement, and even after the engine is a pallet and on your shelves.

Small items can be boxed so you are handling boxes, not individual parts which mean cheaper, quicker, safer handling with less chance of costly stock damage.

No more storage problems when the stock arrives: All the stock is in small sizes ready to go straight onto the shelves or into the hands of your customers.

The stock is ready for instant sale once it lands: No more delay or missing sales because it needs more dismantling or cleaning.

With the Premium Protection option, your stock arrives already wrapped and protected for immediate shipment to your customers.

Saves you time and money! Opting for scrap metal rather than raw ore can reduce air pollution.

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