Distracted Driving – Don’t do it

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Distracted Driving: Japan is a largely populated country and that explains the huge traffic situation in almost all over the cities in Japan. So driving on the roads becomes a very important aspect and although the government comes up with their rules and regulations for driving, there are still many people who do not understand the seriousness of it. Most of the accidents on the road happen due to distracted driving.


“Arrive Alive, don’t distract and drive”

People focusing on other activities while driving are called distracted driving. These distractions may cause serious harm to the safety of the drivers and people on the road and can cause serious loss of life situations. These cases have been happening a lot and we see a lot of people dying on roads due to distracted driving.

According to the recent research on this issue 37.1% of the respondents agreed upon using mobile devices while driving, 56.7% of them admitted that they eat or drink while driving, 39.9% are driving while consuming alcohol. There are also a huge amount of accidents happening per day due to such careless driving.

Distraction categorized

So basically if these distractions are categorized, there are three kinds of them:

  1. Visual distraction- when your eyes are not on the road and distracted.
  2. Manual distraction- when your hands are not on the wheel and are engaged in some other activity.
  3. Cognitive distraction- when your mind is occupied with something else than driving.

The road is not a place to socialize

“Don’t tempt fate that text can wait”

As per the observations, many people distracted while driving by some urgent need of sending a text message or talking to someone on the phone or the person next to you, eating or drinking something, or many more.

But mostly texting while driving is the most harmful as it gives you all kinds of distraction.

Who mostly gets affected by distracted driving?

The teenagers mostly who are below 20 have more distractions while driving and cause serious accidents. The younger generation doesn’t really understand the seriousness of driving and the repercussions of distracted driving. Mostly they do activities like not wearing a seatbelt or helmet and drive while they are drunk, or constantly on the phone while driving.

And because of these reasons we see a huge amount of youth in our country losing their lives on roads.

Preventive Measures for safe driving

  1. Put your mobile phones in silent mode while driving and don’t use them until it’s some emergency situation.
  2. You might be traveling with your kids sometimes or even pets, they could also be a distraction while driving. So keep them at a distance and secured so that they can’t distract you while on the way.
  3. Don’t indulge in activities like eating or drinking.
  4. Don’t try navigations while driving, set the GPS before starting your journey.
  5. If you feel sleepy, sick, or tired then stop the vehicle on the side or just ask someone else to drive.
  6. Do not consume alcohol while driving.

In a split second, you can ruin your future or others, and it rips off the heart of everyone who loves you and waits for you to come back home safe.

So while driving thinks of your family and the people who love you. Finally, be responsible and focused while you drive.

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