Dodge Challenger vs Chevy Camaro

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Dodge Challenger vs Chevy Camaro: The Chevy Camaro received a facelift and the 2019 dodge challenger has some new tricks up its sleeve. The Chevy Camaro has four seats and the Dodge Challenger has five seats. The dodge challenger moreover adds the hellcat redeye as its top performance trim level.


If you enter into the market for a modern muscle car. There is an immense probability that the Chevy Camaro and the dodge challenger must catch your eye. These cars are the iconic cars that date back to the muscle car era. These names are well served by the cars that currently wear them.

Though both the models compete in the same segment. There are some key differences between the Camaro and the Dodge challenger which can influence your decision from one over the. Let us here dig inside to see what is similar, what is different. Which is better between the 2019 dodge challenger and the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro?



Both the models the Camaro and the dodge challenger are new refreshing models of the year. They are the new generations of the automobile industry. The Camaro has a fresh look and you are going to take time to get used to it. It is not an ugly car, but it is thinking of many people that it is backward in styling for the Camaro. Chevy is a wonderful looking muscle car with the sixth-generation Camaro.


The difference you can encounter between them is that the Camaro is available as either a coupe or a convertible. On the other side, the challenger is only available as a coupe.

If you are good to go with the retro styling, then it is pretty sure to appreciate the throwback look of the challenger. Looking for a modern looking muscle car, then you may like the smaller agile Camaro provided new face does not bother you.


Having talked about the size difference between the challenger and the Camaro, it is quite noticeable from inside. The interior of the challenger is roomier, especially when in the back seat.


It also has a bench seat with three seat belts versus the Camaro’s having two buckets like back seats. These are cramped even for children. The back seat is tight in the challenger but more or less it is a family-friendly car than the Camaro.

Mechanicals and Performance

They both Chevy Camaro and dodge challenger are available with four engines. A big difference between the two is the availability of an efficient turbocharged 4 cylinder in the Camaro. There is an all-wheel-drive option in the challenger. But AWD is only available on the challenger GT which is available with a V6. All trims of the Camaro comes with withering an automatic or manual transmission. The same goes for the Challenger has an exception of the SRT hell car redeye, which is an only available option with an eight-speed automatic.

When you start to compare the cars which are equally efficient, the Camaro is better than the other. It has a lower weight and better performing engines in the low and mid-range vehicles of the same kind. It is quite better for the driver who needs a car every day and enjoys occasionally on the track. Provided you don’t need to use the back seat very often.

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