Drink and Drive- Why is it Wrong?

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Drink and Drive: Considering the statistics of the countries, drink and drive are not only considered as dangerous but illegal as well. They measure the concentration of alcohol in the body and in the blood. On the basis of inspection, they convict the drivers. Even if they are not met with an accident though still they convict while drunk and drive. There is a question that comes in everybody’s mind as to why the laws are so stringent against drunk driving. Why they are so harsh?


The Effects of Alcohol on Drivers

The effect of alcohol is such that it decreases reaction time and also impairs judgment. It moreover affects your driving skills in a great manner. Even though after consuming alcohol initially you may have an uplifting effect. Once you start driving, it can be dangerous to others and yourself too. The life of others and yourself is at stake.

If you dig deeper, it reduces your reaction time while driving by 15 to 25%. This is as per the study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio. Looking at this point of view it does not seem much dangerous but while you are on road and of course at high speed. This can make a huge difference.

Alcohol not only affects the reflexes but creates dim effects on our eyesight feeling difficulty while driving a car. The recent study has declared that the visual acuity of drunk drivers is decreasing almost one third.

An Example

Let us imagine there are two car drivers near a crossing at around 40 Kilometers per hour. Then suddenly a pedestrian appears on the road crossing. The drivers after noticing him push the brake button right away.  If the driver is in a drunken state he may take time to first see and take a quarter of a second to press the brake button.

At that point in speed, the car requires at least 9 meters on a dry road and 13 meters on a wet road to stop the car. And this is not enough to factor the reaction distance. That is the distance the car has to make in the space between the driver realizing the danger and the reaction.

Driver driving the car knows that looking at the road well and having a decent reaction on time can save lives. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of small accidents and bumps. They may not be dangerous but they can let the driver raise their eyebrows as it can cost them money or a driving license.

Drunk Driving – The Legal Definition

In various countries, driving while intoxicating means having an alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher is illegal. For the adult male, a 5% beer or a glass of 12% wine or a small sip of 80% liquor can be enough to impair their driving ability.

Man and women with lower body mass are most susceptible to the effects of alcohol. On the corollary, a few low alcohol beers consumed in the course of a few hours can mushroom the blood alcohol concentration beyond the standard limit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some countries have stricter BAC rules and regulations than rest.

Stay Sober and Drive Safe

It is more or less a fact that drink and drive is a big no around the globe. It makes a person a great driver. There is no other way to get out of it. If you have one drink, it is better to call a cab or ask a friend to drop you off at a safe place.

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