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Ducati 1198 vs Harley Davidson KK

Ducati 1198 vs Harley Davidson KK

Ducati 1198 vs Harley Davidson KK: One of the widely used vehicles in the world can be identified as two-wheelers. They have a lot of benefits than other modes of transportation. Those who can’t afford to have cars usually prefer these modes. From cycles to scooters and bikes, they are a helpful hand for so many people.

But, when we talk about the craze of superbikes, this is something crazy for many bikers. And don’t forget, many superbikes can appear in the range of luxurious cars. There are some well-known companies in different parts of the world recognized for producing extreme superbikes. For example, you may have heard about Ducati and Harley Davidson. Surely they are very costly than traditional bikes, but there are so many qualities that impress the customer. Like their posture, color graphics, performance, and other abilities. That’s why people can expect to have a competition in this segment as well.

We are bringing you a comparison between the models of the above-mentioned companies that have made a tremendous achievement. Those who haven’t identified the name of companies, they are Ducati and Harley Davidson. Lots of people have a craze for these companies in such a way that any of their models can be liked. But, here, in this case, we are bringing a comparison of Ducati 1198 vs Harley Davidson KK that is one of the older segments by these companies. So, let’s begin this exciting rivalry.

Ducati 1198

This bike first appeared in front of the world in the year 2009 as a sports bike. The company continued its production till 2011. Apart from 1198, there were three different models of this bike launched by the company.


The stance, as well as the look of this bike, proves to be awesome. Those riders who love to make a roar on the speed-tracks; this bike is a combination of speed and agility. These kinds of bikes are mainly known for their purposeful and no-nonsense attitude.


Like other Ducati trademark features, people can explore its attractive high tail section. The high seat contains 32.2 inches. There is a compact front end joined with two under-seat silence for extreme power. On a single side, the company provided swing arm for articulating utter engineering beauty of aerodynamics. People can enjoy the presence of this bike even if it is parked on a road or outside a house. Overall, this bike is an astonishing package for bikers who love to have adventures during their ride.


The fuel tank capacity of this power machine is around 15.5 liters. It contains a serious weight of about 173 KG. There is a powerful L-Twin cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder Desmodromic, liquid-cooled engine. It can generate a power of 170 hp @ 9750 r/pm and 97 lb-ft @ 8000 rpm. The top speed of this biked is assumed as 180 mph which is seriously fast.

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Harley Davidson KK

Just like we mentioned the Ducati 1198 as a sports bike, this presentation from Harley Davidson is a classic bike. Those who love to taste the feel of the older traditional bike; KK is a good choice for them.


This bike has been a presentation of the company since the year 1953. This single-seated bike will force the person to start itself through kick-mode.


This bike can be referred to as one of the steps for the company to promote good standards at that time. If you have seen a look of some older bikes belonging to ’60s or ’70s, there is a connected feel in the KK of Harley Davidson. Even it can be identified as something different, something interesting in other terms. Round headlights are there with a curved handle in the front. There is a logo of Harley Davidson on the fuel tank. The overall presence delivers a good appeal.


At that time, Harley Davidson managed to put a hydraulic suspension at both ends. There was a foot shifter as well as a hand clutch that makes the bike identical to the standard roaster. There is a 745 cc, V2, four-stroke flathead 45-degree engine with 2 into 1 chrome exhaust system. The front suspension is a hydraulic telescopic fork and the rear one is swing arm, twin hydraulic shocks. The dry weight of this bike is around 180 KG and a fuel capacity of 17 liters.

Who to Make the Final Choice?

If you’re looking to buy a bike between Ducati 1198 and Harley Davidson KK, here are some aspects to consider.

Ducati 1198 vs Harley Davidson KK

Ducati 1198 is a sports bike and ideal for those who love to generate speed. On the other hand, Harley Davidson KK is a classic bike for people who enjoy the taste of older segments. The time interval between the launch of 1198 and KK is around 59 years. In between, there have been so many technological updates in the sector of vehicles. So, maybe the HD’s KK isn’t that much advanced than the Ducati’s 1198. But, both of them can provide you a delightful ride.

If you aren’t in favor to bring sports bikes like Ducati 1198, you can pursue KK. After that, you can make some modifications to it to deliver an attractive presence. The choice belongs to your thoughts. We have made an arrangement by which both of these bikes can be available for you. So, think wisely and remember us for any related help.

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